KANI – A Cultural Gathering

Kani 2019

After being a huge success last year, Kani is all set to contribute to the society using students’ enthusiasm. This cultural gathering is the right platform for students to showcase their passion for drama, literature, music, fine arts, and more.

Kani is unlike any other college fest catering to any one stream. It has something for every student from all streams, be it BA, BMS, BMM, BAF, or any other. 

To mark the new milestone, Jai Hind College announces its two-day multi-genre extravaganza, the ‘KANI- A Cultural Gathering.’  Being held on 03rd and 4th December 2019, the Kani will showcase performances across Theatre, Dance, Stand-up acts, Open Mic, Screenings, Workshops, and much more.

The festival will celebrate this cultural gathering for working towards preserving and promoting rich and vibrant artistic talent. Representing Kani’s broader philosophy – ‘Cultural Gathering, the festival will be a stepping stone to define Kani’s initiatives in the field of art and culture.

Commenting on this, Ms. Taniya Firoz Khan, Chairperson, said, “We are proud to announce the new addition of Kani celebrating the art and culture. It has been a long and exciting journey for everyone who has been associated with us. We are ready to set a new milestone of success that will serve as a direction for us to grow and be an integral part of the cultural life of not the only campus, but the whole Mumbai. With our constant endeavor to project only the best, Kani is truly becoming a beacon of culture.”

Ms. Taniya Firoz Khan, Chairperson

The two-day celebration will showcase Jai Hind College as an interactive venue by encompassing performing arts, contemporary acts gathering, intellectual talks, rap battles to open mic. From performances by various college students – to art installations, aesthetic set-up, and busking on the periphery, the larger than life festival will allow everyone to explore the Jai Hind College’s Kani as a philosophy and as a venue.

Apart from the stellar performances, the public can also enjoy a profound culinary experience at the Kani. The experience will entail homage to great food legacies and exquisite traditions from around Mumbai. Kani – A Cultural Gathering is genuinely going to be a 360-degree experience for the audiences.

For the last four years, the Kani has been creating, curating, and nurturing this experience for the people: many forms, many disciplines, and many icons coming together to craft a cultural edifice that’s larger than any one form.

This all-day event will take place from 9 am to 6 pm. The festival will also host various workshops across both days. Kani is an act, a philosophy, a way of rejigging our lives. It is the power of experiencing live performances. It is the moment we allow something that we’ve witnessed to expand our minds. It is the change in perception, whether inspired by a story, painting, performance, poetry, song, or dance. Kani is a timely reminder that we are all creative in some way, and art is for everyone.

Along these lines, come ‘ Enjoy It Live’ at the Jai Hind College’s Kani.


Organising Committee -Kani 2019

About Kani

Kani – A Cultural Gathering is an intercollegiate festival of Jai Hind College. Kani comes out of a spiritual urge to redefine the competitive notion of creativity. Through our events, we aim to create a space to experience being and expression as seamlessly as you would exhale.

About Jai Hind College

Jai Hind has gone on to become one of the premier educational institutions of Mumbai. We endeavor to move beyond conventional academic programs to keep pace with the changing educational scenario. To be the institution of choice for students and employers alike, known for producing good citizens and leaders by providing a well-rounded education of international standards.


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