Interview with Aarti Asrani : Author of ‘Reborn’ – Universal Secret of your Energy Revealed

Aarti Asrani

Aarti Asrani is an Author, alternative therapist, coach, health and wellness consultant and a trainer. She is the author of the book ‘Reborn’, which talks about channelling your energies to bring a positive change in your life. She also talks about asking and receiving from the universe, wanting something that others have, money, and relationships among others. The language is crisp, and simple, and the author’s thoughts are well articulated. The book will give you sudden bursts of realisation that hit you like a train on a track, and there certainly is a lot to take back and much to learn from.

The inspiration from the book came when Asrani conducted a workshop called ‘30 days of consciousness’. In that workshop, she posted audios everyday and also gave participants various exercises. At the end of 30 days, 256 participants underwent a colossal change. They experienced their life moving, they got out of depression, there was more money and job openings created for some. This shift made her get down to writing Reborn, and that’s how it all came to life. “A lot of things inspire me – life, experiences, transformation, etc. We all have a life but none of us really live it,” Asrani adds.

We caught up with her recently to talk about the book, mental health in India, and the effect of Social Media in our lives. On the topic of Social media, she says that it is easy to fall into the trap, as it has a huge impact on people nowadays, but one should realise that it’s not reality.”We all get influenced in some way or another, and we often try to create a reality based on what we see on Social Media. Ask yourself for what you truly desire. If we are able to define our desires, we will start getting answers from there”, she says.

A chapter in the book talks about competitiveness, and how people want to be at a certain place just because someone else is. It explains how being able to channel the energies that are true to you, you can ‘create’ what you truly desire. “Even if you get there, chances are that you might not even be happy, because it isn’t something that you truly want,” Asrani quotes.

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