Indian Men Step Up! Women Are Finally Saying ‘I Ain’t Your Mama’

indian men
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There are reasons why women make certain common statements about men. Statements like “All men are the same”, or “Men will be men” have been said by almost every woman living. The actions and behaviors men demonstrate justify the above-mentioned statements. As far as social history goes, Indian men have always taken the females for granted. From ridiculous expectations before the actual marriage and outrageous dowry stories to the emotional and, in some cases, physical abuse that follows after the marriage, women have bared it all. 

However, since the time women from all over the world started supporting each other, Indian women began overthrowing the deeply-rooted patriarchy step by step. Men are now being compared on a global platform and Indian men rank below average on the desirability list. They are prone to criticism more than ever. Following are the reasons why: 

1. Boys will be boys.

indian men
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This plight of Indian men is primarily due to the way they are raised. They are nurtured with a sense of entitlement and superiority. If parents start bringing up their children equally irrespective of what gender they are, the sense of gender superiority will start fading away. Rules for both boys, as well as girls, must be the same and both should be treated equally right from their childhood. Gender should not be considered an issue while reprimanding children if they’ve done wrong. 

2. Indian man? Or a man-baby?

As a matter of fact, Indian women don’t really need to give birth to a baby after marriage. The reason being, the moment they tie the know, they automatically adopt a grown child. Patriarchy has spoiled men. When you look around, all you will see is patriarchy. The typical examples of this fact is Indian men’s discomfort with their partners earning more than them.  

3. Humans with the least appealing culinary and tidying skills.

A majority of Indian men do not know how to cook and tidy the mess they create. It’s very rare that a man will know how to cook and do the chores, simply because most of the men are not taught to carry out these activities like girls are.  So if they know, it is mostly because they have lived on their own for a while and thus know the importance of sanitation and knowing how to cook. Women are always told, “The way to a husband’s heart goes through his stomach”. I’d rather politely like to state that “No, it doesn’t”, at least in this era. The real fun lies in cooking new delicacies and eating together or discovering memories while on a cleaning spree; something men are bound to miss if they choose to live with their patriarchal mindset. 

4. Independent earners. Independent thinkers?

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Indian men are much influenced by their mothers. The stereotype of an Indian mother-in-law exists for a reason. There is no problem in considering their opinions however problems arise when they are given the entire authority of making a decision. This way men never learn to make a decision confidently. Since the feeling of male superiority is ingrained in them right from the very beginning, men also find it difficult to accept their mistakes and faults. 

5. Unnecessary machismo.

Indian men are fed with stereotypes almost every day. Hence they feel the need to display their machismo at every instant. I mean, how often have we seen our father or an uncle cry? Crying or expressing emotion is considered pitiful or a weak trait to be possessed by a male, which is completely illogical. This makes it difficult for them to let down their guard and connect with their partners. They are left vulnerable to real-life problems which then results into pointless aggression. 

The conclusion altogether is that women are now open to choices. Years ago, unmarried women used to get depressed as they were raised to be dependent. Nevertheless, if Indian men don’t step-up now, women will live happily ever after with their career and independence.


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