IITH’s New Course To Help India Establish A Stronghold In The Semiconductor Industry

Image Credits: Hardinge

Recently, India has been making rapid moves into the semiconductor manufacturing space. It aims to boost the domestic chip sector. Semiconductors are a necessary form of technology installed into many of the devices we use from smartphones to refrigerators. While the industry is working towards realising the aim, IITH or IIT Hyderabad’s Department of Electrical Engineering, has introduced four years BTech in electrical engineering with a specialisation in Integrated Circuit (IC) Design and Technology.

The aim of this newly launched course is to train professionals in “IC Design and Manufacture” in the principles and methods of fabless chip design and manufacturing. It also aims to make a substantial contribution toward making India a semiconductor nation. 

Further, to help students adapt to the market’s demand, the program will also provide summer and semester-long industry internships.

According to a statement provided to the media, “The students will benefit from the faculty’s academic acumen and practical expertise in the worldwide industry and academic institutions in the field of IC Design and manufacture.”

The curriculum’s course is focused on creating industry-ready design designers at the undergraduate level. This is going to help India become a global talent hub in the semiconductor design area. 

Since India is moving rapidly into the semiconductor manufacturing space, it has become essential for the country to generate competent human resources in this field. 

Shiv Govind Singh, head, the department of electrical engineering, while speaking to News18 said, “Tape out of chip design and hands-on training in semiconductor fabrication labs are the major USPs of this program. Strong practical exposure with summer and semester-long industry training is additional merit of this course.”


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