IIT research to go public!


Students of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) across India are looking to improve the quality of research in their institutions through the use of novel techniques. A consortium of students from all the IITs will publish and share their research work on a common website. IIT students came together for a summit called “Inter-IIT Gymkhana Summit 2011” that took place at IIT Gandhinagar to discuss issues which were common to all of them. The summit was attended by representatives from over ten  IITs including IIT Bombay and Kanpur, the representatives of which joined the sessions online. Amongst the many topics of discussion was the topic of how BTech, MTech and PhD research could be shared with everyone. The main reason for sharing research is to avoid repetition in the future. Students will also be able to save time and energy by researching topics and conduct advanced research using newer technology.

Volume 1 Issue 6


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