How To Ace Your Campus Placements And Land A Job

Campus placements

Securing a job right after graduating with a bachelor’s/master’s degree is considered to be the ideal way of kickstarting your career. The placement cell of every university/higher education institution ensures it puts the students on the right path to landing a job. Just as it is the responsibility of placement cells to prepare students for campus placements, it is also equally important for students to dedicate the right amount of effort in order to secure a job. 

Campus placements are challenging. It involves a lengthy process which needs to be followed. A sound understanding of this process is crucial for students to take steps in the right direction. 

To put it simply, campus placements are a recruitment system adopted by colleges to connect students with various potential employers who are willing to hire fresh graduates. The placements are conducted by universities towards the end of the study programme. Many students, even today, underestimate the importance of registering themselves in the college placement cell. 

Even before the actual campus placements begin, colleges begin with the pre-placement process which involves recruiting companies coming to the campus and briefing students about the company background, what their expectations are, eligibility criteria for hiring employees, etc. This helps students decide their plan of action. 

The process of campus placements of almost all colleges expects students to take the aptitude test, followed by a group discussion activity, and then go through a technical knowledge interview. Here students’ performance is assessed on their domain-specific awareness. The last stage is the formal interview where students are selected after critically observing the candidate’s confidence and other interpersonal skills. 

So, how must students ace their campus placements? 

Strong research 

You must study every company you wish to apply to. Know the basics about the company’s background, vision and mission. You must find out what their work culture is and what they expect from their employees. Try talking to people who are employed in the work, they can be your own alumni. Make sure you study key factors and details about the company. This will show your recruiters how much the job and role mean to you. 

Build an impactful resume 

Make sure you have a well-designed resume. Update it from time to time. Add only those details which are relevant and extremely essential in your academic journey. Your resume must be easy to read and understand. Avoid writing long sentences or paragraphs. Adopt pointers and graphic elements which can be used in place of words. The aim is to convey more details with less content. With a quick look at your resume, recruiters must know who you are and what you are looking for. 

Draft a strong cover letter 

This is the place where you can expand. Use your cover letter to describe details that you kept from including in your resume. The cover letter should narrate your personality and skills to the recruiters. It must make relevant points about why you are the right person for the job and the company. Start with defeating a rough letter, re-read and re-edit. Take the help of your faculty members and fellow students. Get the relevant feedback and accordingly polish your cover letter. Make sure your cover letter doesn’t exceed the word limit of maximum of 600 words. 

Have group discussions with peers

Group discussions are a key part of the placement process. This is where your communication skills and knowledge get tested the most. You must work on your group discussion skills. Request your friends or batch mates to hold mock group discussions on relevant topics. Ask for feedback, observe yourself and identify where you can improve. This will go a long way in helping you on the main day. 

Hold mock interviews

Just as mock group discussions, it is important to hold mock interviews. Ask your professors or even your friends or seniors to help you prepare for the interview. Think of all the possible questions that recruiters can ask during the interview and accordingly prepare the right answers. Focus not just on what will you speak, but also on the tone and language you will use, your body language, confidence, etc. 

Stay updated 

Recruiters today look for candidates who are well-updated about what going on in their respective fields. You must be abreast with the updates and developments taking place in your field or industry. You must also be equipped with the newer skills that might be expected of you. This will put you on the edge and help you get the job. 

Focus on basics 

While it is essential to be updated, you must also keep your foundation strong, on which your entire industry as well as the career, is based.  

If you are soon going to graduate and yet haven’t registered yourself with your college placement cell, you must do it at the earliest and get started right away. Doing this with put you on a pedestal and set the right tone for your career.


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