How the International Student Can Survive in Australian University

Australian University
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Those who succeeded to be accepted into Australian universities are lucky because they have a unique chance to study in one of the best countries in the world. Australia is recognized as one of the most comfortable countries for a living. In addition, Australian universities are often listed among educational institutions having an excellent reputation worldwide. 

Studying in Australia is the tempted option for many international students, but it is also associated with several issues including cultural adaptation, financial issues and adjustment to a different style of studying to name a few. Here we will discuss how to address these difficulties effectively.

Australian University

Financial Issues

Everybody knows that Australia is one of the most expensive countries. Therefore, you will have to take efforts to survive there. You will need to spend a minimum of $1,200-$1,500 per month for your living expenses, including utilities, transportation, food, and other everyday necessities. Add university fees, costs of online libraries and other studying expenses. If your parents are not rich, you will have to find at least a part-time job to survive.

Academic Performance

Finding a job to pay all expenses will solve financial problems. However, another problem may emerge: combining studying and work isn’t an easy task. Be ready to feel tired quite often and have no motivation to study after/before work. A logical question arises in this case: “Can someone write my essay or do some other tasks instead of me?” There is a solution to this problem: some AU companies offer writing help to students who don’t have time to complete an essay independently. These services are legal and very popular among foreign students in Australia. You just need to find a trustworthy writing agency to write an essay for you. It may take some efforts and time, but finally, you will solve this issue successfully. Paper turnaround can be the day of your application if you need to complete an urgent task.

Cultural Shock

Australia is a multicultural country, but as an international student, you will have to adapt to a foreign culture. Undoubtedly, this adaptation rarely runs smoothly despite Australian people being helpful and friendly. Studying and living in Australia is an unforgettable experience as you have an opportunity to visit multiple museums, galleries, parks, trendy cafes, and gardens. People in Australia are easy-going and open-minded. Therefore, you can ask them about their life directly. However, for many students coming to Australia to study, the Australian lifestyle is totally different from those they had in their native countries. You could check a government website describing life in Australia before leaving your native country to be prepared to live in this country. Also, you may find forum discussions related to life in this country. This can be useful for your smooth adaptation there.

Different Style of Studies

Australian education is prestigious, but academic requirements are also high. The education you’ve got in your home country can be narrower or broader. In Australia, a college education is a mix of theoretical and practical lessons. Quite possibly, you will need to adjust to this style of studies. However, it can be difficult for some students to keep up which might become another source of stress and bad mood. The good news is that Australian universities pay more attention to the adjustment of international students. They offer a wide variety of materials and tools to make this adjustment less stressful. For example, fresh students can get help from other students who mastered this subject earlier.

The Procedure of Application for Australian Universities

The application process can be a concern for many foreign students planning to study in Australia. Australian government considered those concerns and made the decision to simplify the process of applying for international students. For example, now it’s much easier to get a student visa to Australia. In addition, university staff can help to deal with your visit. Therefore, don’t be afraid to ask for help once you’re going to study in Australia. University staff will guide you through the visa application process and offer necessary assistance in filling in the documents.

Language Barrier

It’s worth to mention here that all studies are conducted in English and it would be better if you start to study English in your home country. Many international students stated that the lack of language skills is the major problem for them. You should be able to understand your lecturer. Breaking down the language barrier may not be easy, but there are many effective methods to learn the language in several months. You can even use online courses and then pass a test to make sure you can communicate in English. Besides, you should be able to write academic papers and pass exams in English. Probably, a good writing service will be of great help to you on this stage of your adaptation. 

To Summarize

Getting an education in Australia will help you find a good job in the future, but this process is expensive. However, preparation makes 50% of success and if you plan to study in Australia, you can start preparing right now to ensure your adaptation in Australia runs smoothly.


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