Her Solo Enfield Trip

Her Solo Enfield Trip
Her Solo Enfield Trip

Candida, working at Infosys in Bengaluru, is in love with bikes and has a dream to conquer the world by riding a bike.

Her passion led her to be a part of driving group of 10 members who wanted to cover 30,000 km across 22 states in the country. Though the plan ended midway, her desire for driving led her to continue the journey.

Candida, who embarked on a journey riding ‘Royal Enfield’ broke all the conventional norms and covered all the five southern states, travelling over 7,000 km in one-and-a-half months.

Louis, who learned to ride when she was 16 and was gifted a Royal Enfield last year, said she has “never had a bad experience” in her 12,800-km journey across 12 states so far.


Source : http://www.sakshipost.com/index.php/news/national/66673-woman-rides-royal-enfield-for-7000-km-all-alone.html

Image source : https://www.truewanderers.in/travelogues/entry/54.html


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