Underestimating The Potential Of LinkedIn, A Blunder That’s Unaffordable


It’s no longer enough to just create a LinkedIn profile. The platform today is exploding with immense potential. From helping individuals get a job to building a personal brand, LinkedIn has proved to be a blessing for students as well as professionals. So great is the platform’s potential, that if your activity on it is scanty, I’d say it’s the most stupid and most terrible career blunder you are choosing to make each day. 

LinkedIn is the Instagram of professionals. The more you spend time scrolling and engaging on it, the more it’s going to help you get your LinkedIn profile noticed to a wider network. 

You need to be proactive on the platform. In a competitive world where there is a whole herd waiting to grab a job you wish to take, it’s crucial to get yourself and your work noticed. Conducting yourself well on the platform, updating your LinkedIn profile from time to time, and posting your work on the platform helps prospective employers know who you are, what you do and what you are up to. 

Besides this, LinkedIn also is beneficial in educating its users. Since you are connected with users who share similar interests as yours or belong to the same sector/industry you belong to, it keeps you well informed of everything new that’s happening. 

Having an active LinkedIn profile also helps in staying informed about what the professionals in your network are doing, what are the new trends in the market, which new job roles have been created, etc. 

It is also very important to view LinkedIn as a relationship platform. By that, I don’t mean connecting with as many users as possible, I mean actually building relationships with your existing connections. You must engage with the content that your connections post. Comment on them, and share positive, honest, but constructive feedback. Reshare the content if you feel it will help others in your network, but give credit. Strike conversations on the platform and participate in discussions. These are all ways to build good rapport and relationships with your connections. 

Further, to make your LinkedIn profile stronger, it is imperative that you create your content. It could be anything, a post where you share your opinion about a particular topic, a brand’s social campaign that you might have loved, a quote by a businessman that motivated you on a Monday morning, and so much more. Just make sure you stay honest, be yourself, and speak about your thoughts and opinions that match with how you portray yourself on the platform. 

Lastly, it is very important to complete your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you have a professional photograph as your display picture. Add a cover photo that reflects your personality. Enter all the necessary details. An incomplete LinkedIn profile sends out a negative message to your connections that you don’t take your personal image seriously. 

LinkedIn, today, is the single largest online platform for professionals to build a network and up career prospects. It offers unimaginable kinds of benefits in one’s career. Make sure you use your LinkedIn profile to the best of its ability. 


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