As the name itself suggests, this 3-tiered, UFO-shaped magnificent structure offers one the experience of a lifetime. It not only houses a discotheque but also a banquet-style restaurant. Be prepared to experience a mind-blowing night of swaying and stomping to the beats with the nightclub’s state-of-the-art sound. The lights too add to the out-of-this-world experience. Besides partying, one can also gorge on some fantastic food here that includes Indian, Chinese and Continental. The succulent kebabs are not worth a miss. However, this place is known to rank low on cleanliness. A visit to Area 51 is a must if you happen to be in Pune, simply to have a look and feel of this engineering marvel.

If you are a serious musicaficionado on the look-out for a music-filled night out on the town, then Blue Frog is a must-visit. On weekends, one can generally expect this nightclub to be packed to the hilt, heaving to the beats belted out by international electronic DJs. With a fantastic sound and light setup, you also shouldn’t miss out on live bands performing here. Exceptional bands like Soulmate and Cobblestone Jazz as well as electronic artists like Shpongle, have all rocked this nightclub to the core. The setup is minimal, yet futuristic, while the projected visuals are top-notch. Sample the food at this nightclub together with delicious cocktails, all of which are worth the price!

The newly opened Kismet has been designed to fascinate. With mind-bending installations in every corner of this place, as well as the fantastic light and sound setup, all taken care of by a London-based design firm, you can expect nothing but a treat to the senses. The drinks menu is extensive, with a host of interesting cocktails to choose from. There are seating options too, making it feel like you are in a lounge. Or if you really want to let your hair loose, you can groove to the DJ’s music on the spacious dance floor. Visit Kismet with your group of friends. You are sure to love it!

Volume 1 Issue 4


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