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Freanka is a brand of meticulously handcrafted hair accessories that combine Indian and Western elements into stunning statement pieces. Whether it’s a classic pearl hairband or a multicoloured feather fascinator, confidence and individualistic style is all you need to carry off one of these fun, stylish and easy-to-wear pieces.

Tell us about your brand. How did you start designing hair accessories?
My brand freanka is named after my own name as it is unusual and one of a kind, which my accessories are as well. I studied fashion marketing and merchandising in London and Toronto and interned with fashion designers in Toronto. Having studied and worked abroad, I became more aware about the importance of fashion accessories, especially hair accessories. I then worked as a fashion stylist at Verve magazine for a couple of years. After having worked in the Indian fashion industry, I realised the gap in the market for this product.

Why are hair accessories an integral part of Indian fashion?
Women in metropolitan cities in India are willing to experiment with their fashion, and hair is an integral part of fashion for Indian women. There are a lot of hair accessories for the traditional Indian bride, but there is nothing fun and stylish for the contemporary Indian woman. I attended a number of fashion accessories trade shows in Hong Kong and Italy to acquire the design sensibilities required to create hair accessories.

What’s the inspiration behind your designs?
Along with maintaining a high standard of quality, creativity and innovation are the main factors behind my design philosophy. I enjoy pushing creative boundaries and continuously draw inspiration from my environment, art, animals, fashion, music and travel.

Tell us about your own personal style.
My personal style can be described as ecletic glam with a touch of boho chic. I’m open to trying different things, and enjoy making a bold fashion statement occasionally. My fashion icons include Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker and Sonam Kapoor for their effortless style. Although I’m not a big fan of trends, I feel like my style is constantly evolving and changing. Comfort and confidence is kay to carry off any outfit with style. Mostly, I really believe choosing the right accessories to complete any look.

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