101 Guide To Walk Out Of A Toxic Relationship

Toxic Relationship
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Have you ever felt lonely inspite of being with someone? Have you ever felt suffocated in a relationship with the person you love? Have you lost yourself while you were trying to win the heart of your partner? Have you been unhappy since the time you started dating? Have you tried doing everything to save your relationship and yet things are falling apart? I suggest, let them. 

You talk to any person who has been in a toxic relationship, and they will tell you that nothing good can ever come out of that relationship. You just have to walk out of it. The worst thing about being in a toxic relationship is that we fail to see the red flags because we are always busy making things right. Picking the right signs though can help you figure out if your relationship has become toxic or not. 

While there are many reasons for a relationship to become toxic, there is only one consequence of it. It affects a person mentally giving rise to various concerns, doing away with which takes a long period of time. This is why one must walk out of a toxic relationship when everything stops working. 

It is definitely hard to walk away from a person once loved or still continue to love, but it is not impossible. 

Identify the toxic traits of your relationship

Every toxic relationship has traits like anger, emotional blackmailing, domination, jealousy, etc which can be very damaging. These are toxic traits that can hamper one’s growth. Being controlling, always emotionally manipulating, making you feel guilty for the things you didn’t do, disappearing for days at a stretch, showing no care for your needs and priorities are all toxic traits. Anything that results in mental burnout is toxic. So identifying these toxic traits is the first step to realizing the need to stop continuing dating your partner. 

Ask yourself if you deserve to be a victim of those traits 

Make a list of all the toxic behavioral traits that you are subjected to and ask yourself if it can pass as something acceptable in a loving and mature relationship. If your mind tells you ‘NO’, then it’s definitely not acceptable. Although relationships involve making sacrifices and compromises, they also involve mutual respect for each other. Try to analyze how your relationship makes you feel about yourself. If the negatives weigh much more than the positives, you need to rethink your relationship. 

toxic relationship
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Come clean of what you truly feel 

When you finally see the red flags, when you start seeing clearly what damage your relationship has done to you, after you analyze the negatives and positives, and after you decide to break it up, convey it to your partner. Call them up, choose a place to meet, sit down, and tell them why you no longer want to be with them. Think well and stand firm on your decision. 

Don’t fall for the empty promises 

Toxic partners usually have a trait of making empty and flowery promises. It is very difficult to not fall for them. However, it is necessary to look at the bigger picture, to realize that this a toxic pattern and that the promises are nothing but a tool to convince you to stay. Reality check: If nothing you did earlier to make things work, worked, then these promises too are never going to reach fruition. It’s a vicious cycle in which you be trapped again and again if you fall for these promises. 

Remind yourself that it is for your best 

It is natural for us to place all our loved relationships above everything else, and maybe there is nothing wrong with that. However, if any relationship starts bothering you and affects your well-being, it is really not worth anything. So if your relationship has caused you more damage and led to complete burnout, do not once feel guilty to walk out. Keep reminding yourself that you are choosing to walk out for your own good. 

One toxic relationship is enough to make you lose faith in love, and it is natural, but not everlasting. It can also tarnish you, make you question yourself, give rise to a variety of insecurities, but it certainly cannot take yourself away from you. True love does exist, you just need the right person beside you. 


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