GaMe:OR Lame? – March 2013


Devil May Cry

GAMEPLAY: A game of rip-and-slash, supernatural control and what may as well be a conscious world in Limbo city. Players become the young Dante action hero, welcomed after being hesitatingly approved of a redesigned version of his former self. Rebellion (his sword) and Ebony and Ivory (his pistols), come with modifiers Angel Mode (Scythe) and Devil Mode (Arbiter). As before, Dante accumulates diverse souls, redeems health, makes purchases and expands his might.

PLOT: In Limbo, demons inhabit a parallel plane and control the city. Dante, lured into Limbo, hunts down the ‘hunter’, and heads back to the human dimension, only to be recalled by Kat (a Psychic) to meet her superior (Vergil), a group targeting the demons, revealing their truth. Dante, unconvinced, gets justification from Vergil, hears their brothers and that their parents Sparda (Devil) and Eva (Angel) and their mansion were under attacked by the Demons. Dante is told that his parents were forbidden a union, defiantly came together and thus Eva was killed. Sparda wiped out the memory of the children, running them to safety.
Dante tracks Mundus’ (enemy) maneuvers and annihilates the controlling demons, acquiring powers along the way.
In the end, Vergil, with intent to rule humanity and a heartless mind-set towards Kat has to be fought, too. Dante overpowers him and comes to terms with ‘who he is’ and ‘what he is’, finally beholding the devastated battleground.

FINAL VERDICT: Proof of the pudding lies in the eating! Overshot predicted sales, therefore, success! Negative reactions turned positive once the pleasing humour came through. Repeat? SURE!

Platforms: Microsoft Windows PS3 XBOX 360


Time Surfer

SAIL EFFORTLESSLY: Yellow submarine = Golden Vessel = Unlock. The rewind option utilises energy; refuel gathering strewn crystals.

OPTION OF TRIAL: Power-ups, rewind with speed boost to the rescue. Costumes, cakes, rubber duckies and tiger rewards. Hammer headlong into aliens and asteroids = dawdle, but land on top and you can rise back into the air. Rewind, remain airborne.

FINAL VERDICT: Keep your childhood wonderment alive.

-Harsh Keswani

Platforms : IOS


Volume 2 Issue 9


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