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Tony Hawk : Shred

Trivial things matter in videogames today. Case in point: crank up the engine while indulging in a car racing game and you’d like to see the exhaust grease up the screen. Special effects, which barely matter to an average gamer, are massive plus points in the eyes of a gaming aficionado. In the modern gaming era, quality comes first. Tony Hawk Shred is a peripheral-based, motion controlled skateboarding game, designed and developed on the same engine as its predecessor, Tony Hawk Ride (2009). Shred introduces a ‘snowboarding’ mode, arguably comparable to SSX. The focus has shifted to mid-air tricks rather than the usual grind tricks, lip tricks or manuals. Like most Tony Hawk games, this is taught to you by Tony Hawk himself, but unlike before, there are actual video clips of him speaking to you making the game a lot more interactive. Shred, unlike Ride, creates an arcade sort of feel to the game. There are a series of characters to choose from. A downside: you can’t create your own character, and gamers frequently enjoy personalising their games. The game has no intriguing plot, just several play levels, which you unlock as you advance. The biggest shortcoming of this game is that the inadequate graphics simply don’t match the contemporary standards of recent games. Yet, a number of users enjoy the new, interactive feel of this game. I would christen it the ‘Guitar Hero’ of skateboarding that introduces the fun and excitement of virtual skateboarding with no risk and no necessity of getting out of your house to actually skateboard. On the whole, it’s a great game that definitely needs to be played as it successfully revolutionises skateboarding video games.
Platforms: PS3, XBOX-360, NINTENDO WII

Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy

This game exemplifies realism and this is its most attractive feature. With surprisingly responsive controls, the aircrafts react to even the slightest maneuvers and this is sure to intrigue you. There are three different modes: Campaign Mode, Missions and Online Multiplayer. Campaign mode is disappointingly bland, taking up about thirty minutes of your time. However you may enjoy specific missions or indulge in the multiplayer mode with friends or simply play online challenges. Namco has excelled with stunning visuals and graphics. A favorite is the city option, flying through a maze of buildings, dodging them. Air Supremacy is fun, the Campaign Mode notwithstanding. Treat this game purely as entertainment on the go. It’s a highly recommended purchase that you will not regret.
Platform: IOS

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