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Grand Slam Tennis 2

The tennis season has begun with a bang and what better way to get into the mood with this EA video game that encompasses all four major world championships (Australian Open, French Open, US Open and Wimbledon). Play as or against tennis biggies like Nadal, Djokovic, Borg, Sharapova, Federer, the William sisters and John McEnroe. It’s really amazing to see that the playing styles and behaviours of the players have been captured to a tee! One of the best features of this game is called ESPN Grand Slam Classics. It allows players to
relive classic matches that went down in history. Who wouldn’t want to live those golden moments of the Nadal vs Federer match! As you play your way into history, you will be able to unlock 25 Grand Slam moments. The gameplay is quite intuitive and precise as gamers are able to control each shot with the right analog stick that allows them to carry out overheads, backhands, smashing
forehands and volleys with power and accuracy. Lose yourself in tennis as you immerse yourself in the career mode or in a head-to-head battle online.

XBOX 360, PS3


Final Fantsy XIII – 2

The sequel to Final Fantasy XIII, this game is bound to be a treat if you simply couldn’t get enough of the Final Fantasy series. The game takes off three years after the events seen in the prequel. Serah Farron and a young man Noel Kreiss attempt to find Lighting, the protagonist of the original game and Serah’s sister. Like its predecessor, this game uses the Active Time Battle system, albeit with
a twist. Players will be able to control the difficulty of battles, tame monsters and go through ‘quick time events’ also known as ‘Cinematic Action’ that allows them to cause higher damage to enemies. The Mog Clock feature appears in this game after a long break. Players will be presented with multiple endings as well as puzzle-like problems in a void between dimensions. Only after solving current anomalies (mini games) will players be able to solve a paradox happening in the real world. Players will also be able to jump through various time gates throughout the game, courtesy the Historia Crux system. All in all, Final Fantasy XIII – 2 manages to do away with all the shortcomings that previous versions had. The plot is interesting, graphics beautiful and the music fantastic.

PS3, XBOX 360



Volume 1 Issue 9


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