7 tips to successfully transit from an Intern to Employee

intern to employee
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Have you fallen in love with the company you intern at? Do you want to take the relationship to the next level? Riddhi Jain has some advice on how to step over the threshold to a full-time employment

Students like us take up a temporary job either for work experience, to make an extra buck or to fulfil a degree requirement. Sometimes because of all three factors. And then comes a time when a mere internship won’t do. It’s that time when one needs to grow up and step off the plank of a carefree intern to get on the ship of steady employment. If that time is just around the corner for you, here are a few things you should keep in mind.


Your immediate overlords are the company employees. They know their job and the industry better than you do. Be receptive to their work assignments and suggestions. Remember, while criticism is a byproduct of every assignment given to you, appreciation may/may not accompany it. Taken in the right spirit, it will help you develop your work skills. Nitanta, a recruiter believes, “Qualification is not just what matters alone. Passion goes hand-in-hand to get a complete package.”


Keep in mind that while you’re an intern your purpose of working at a company is to learn the ropes. And this learning must be wholesome. Learn from your surroundings. Pay attention to the intricate details of the company’s workings that happen in your presence. Step outside your cabin. Behold! Ask questions but be sure not to go overboard. Try grasping the learning part of the job more than the tempting politics and-gossips aspect of the role.


Shrimai Moye, an intern who is now graduating to employee status at Goldman Sachs, advises, “Be punctual to work and complete all assignments on time. Show that you’re enthusiastic about doing more work. Interact with as many people as you can.”
Your acceptance of any and every assignment was given to you shows more inclination and initiative on your part. Take everything that comes your way and do it with complete zest. This will make you memorable in the office and win you some brownie points in the process.


“Treat your internship itself like a fulltime job. With utmost professionalism and seriousness towards work as an intern, you’ll be able to make a difference and thus get noticed!” advises Rishika Raka, a former intern (now employee) at JLL. The work etiquettes you follow define you as a person in the office and become your identifier. Set your personal goals parallel to the company’s goals and make sure that they benefit from each other.


Socialising with your colleagues will give you an insight into the ethics the organisation follows. Do not forget, though, that your fellow employees are your colleagues, not your friends! It is advisable to know your limits. Don’t get too personal with them. While it is reasonable enough to ask them of their previous internships and future ventures, asking them about their girl or boyfriends is akin to committing career suicide. Do share your opinions and suggestions, but only when asked or at places welcomed. Don’t get too emotionally attached to anyone at the office; your colleagues might just not approve of it.


What impresses your boss the most is when you volunteer to work. Yes, you’re there to work and yes, your employers know it, but why wait for them to call you and then assign the task if you can go ahead and volunteer for it yourself? Ask for work and then wait back till you’re assigned one. This creates a favourable impression of you. Observe the working style of your employees and draw inspiration from them. Pick assignments so you can work with as many employees as you can, across departments. Familiarise yourself with their working styles and incorporate their best practices on your own.


Always be prepared. A notepad and a pen should never be far away from your hands – you never know what you might have to jot down. Always stay updated with the projects the office is involved in. Never miss out on showing how keen you are for the goings-on in the office. Show them you’re enthusiastic to work with them. If this internship means more to you than just a vehicle for earning money or passing the time during a lazy vacation or fulfilling a college degree requirement, then you are ready to take your relationship with the organisation to the next level. Take a leap of faith.

Good luck!


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