Friendly Tips To Prepare Well For Medical Entrance Exams

Medical Entrance exams
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The medical profession is a profile that is much safer and honoured. Indeed, it is not only because of the nobility that it enables the student to earn but also there is a lot more to the profession. No wonder why there are lakhs of aspiring students appearing for medical examinations every year. Sure, the medical journey is overall tedious, and the pressure the students have to prepare for their entrance examination is hectic too, but if you put in enough effort, it will speak for you in the end.

If you are appearing for medical entrance examinations or working on GAMSAT Prep, then we are here with the answers to your few common and most asked questions such as, “how to prepare for medical entrance exams?”, “How to crack the GAMSAT? Or even the NEET examinations?

Don’t worry; we have covered some tips from medical experts, who are now the best practising in the country and abroad. Take a look-

How to prepare for the entrance exam?

A day before the examination, I used to get sick- why? Exam fever! Firstly, you have to prepare your mind for everything, and once I started doing that, I stopped falling sick before the exams and started scoring high grades. Have a clear goal, and never listen to those “boo-ers”. Understand and know about the different branches of the medical profession.

For instance, there is an orthopedic doctor and an orthopedic surgeon. The doctor examines the patient for any bone problems and prescribes medicines; if it’s a severe medical issue, the surgeon will play a significant role, insisting that it requires bone surgery. In simple terms, a surgeon is the advanced version of a doctor.

Are you a medical student? Tips to prepare for entrance exams

Remember when we used to streamline the perfect study timetable during our school days? When you follow the timetable, you put in more efforts and waste less time – and you can eventually reach your goal, just like that! We have mentioned a few essential tips to prepare for medical entrance exams.

1. Your Syllabus is the key!

I have always observed this; the more I know the syllabus and the chapters, the more I remember the concepts. The syllabus is all about knowing the pattern and the examination structure, which will help you spare time according to the chapters and the subjects. And this will level up the next stage of confidence in you. Also, the Indian medical exams have HSC CBSE Board and ICSE questions of both 11th and HSC. If you are a science fan, you will love the topics that range from Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and since there are objective questions, you will have to be careful about the negative scores.

2. Work on previous test papers

Well, the question papers don’t get altered every year; it depends upon the board eventually. You can collect question papers from previous years and practice solving them. Know and understand the exam pattern and the style, which will help you practice and reduce your nervousness. Solving question papers and test papers will also help you manage your time according to the original and upcoming exam time. It’s similar to giving mock tests since it gears you up for your final examinations.

3. Learn to Manage your time

Not all of us are expert with this system, but we sure know what time management is, and following a strict process with time is crucial. You must always focus on your priorities, whether it’s just an examination or your entire life. Look at what’s more beneficial and what’s more worth of your time, and put in efforts accordingly. Invest your time studying the primary and essential concepts for your entrance exams, which will help you achieve some brilliant grades and scores.

4. Get a Mentor

Indeed, if you have already joined a coaching class, then you probably won’t need a mentor, but if you are on your own, then you might need one. Even partnering up with other fellow students and candidates can help you too. It will help you to solve your doubts and your queries on the concepts. Sometimes, even the internet might not know the right answer, and you might get stuck, but don’t worry, you can always put up your questions on education sites, and you will find the solution to it with all your queries resolved.

5. Eliminate worries, distractions and fears

Stop being anxious. Yes, it’s easier said than done, but if you believe in yourself, you can stop! It’s all in you. Try focusing on the positives, and it will automatically spike your confidence level to the top. If you study well, prepare yourself for the test papers, you will score excellent grades and always keep this in mind. Fear can kill your confidence and even your positives. Well, you need some extra activities, too, while you are on GAMSAT prep. Focus on some productive hobbies, anything from novel-reading to entertainment, even playing games indoors or outdoors. But ensure that you have a proper schedule for everything that you do in your routine.

Agreed, medical entrance exams have a lot of content and subjects that you need to prepare for. But, most of the questions will be from concepts that you already know the basics of. We all know science, we know biology, chemistry and even physics to a certain extent, the only preparation that you require is a bit of additional knowledge in most of these areas. You can opt for self-assessment, mentorship, group discussion, and even exam notes can do a lot of good. Stay motivated, and you will crack the test!


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