Flaunt your Ethnic Look with These Simple yet Incredible Accessories

accessories and junk jewellery
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Ethnic wear is a midway for all the girls. Not too western not too traditional. Casual ethnic wear is rapidly becoming everyone’s favorite. A simple kurti bottomed with jeans can make you look as pretty as ever, but that’s not enough. You need to couple your ethnic clothes with the right accessories to pull off the perfect look.

With some of the sassy tips to accessorize your ethnic wear, get ready to roll:


Accessories and junk jewellery
Image Credits: Pinterest

The apt word is ‘Jhumke’. What is the point of wearing a kurti if the jhumkas are missing? Getting your hands on these beautiful creations is not even difficult. If you are head over heels for ethnic wear but are not willing to spend more than 100 bucks on earring, you are most likely to love local train travels, and you know why! You can also wear other oxidized earrings other than jhumkas. Both, long as well as short earrings go beautifully on everything.  

Nose ring

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This adds an altogether different look to one’s face. To wear a nose ring you need not pierce your nose. Clip on nose rings is easily available in the market. Nose rings adds an intense look to the face, which looks great with ethnic wear.

Junk Choker

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Deep neck or thin-strap tops might make your neck look empty. Fill the empty space with heavy chokers. A choker is that piece of accessory that beautifully accentuates the ethnic look. If you are not a ‘junk’ type person, you can also go for delicate chains.

Silver Bangles and Junk Bracelets

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Make some noise by wearing those silver bangles that fall gorgeously in the hand. Whether you go out for a party or just to the office, plain silver bangles in one hand will never look too much on you. If you want to go a little easy on those bangles, you can also wear bracelets. They too look good. You can also colour coordinate them with your top/kurti or even chunni/dupatta.

Finger Rings

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Trust me on this, a ring, small or big, in the middle finger adds a lot to the appearance. You can also wear two-three simple rounded rings in the same finger. Your thumb is also a great finger to place a ring in when wearing ethnic.

Black Bindi

If you think wearing a black bindi makes you look old or more accurately a ‘bhenji’, then you are having a major misunderstanding. The fashion of wearing bindis is coming back and it’s the most fabulous thing to happen. Agreed, that on few ethnic outfits, a black bindi won’t look that great, but it looks superbly amazing on most of the outfits.  

Stoles and Chunnis

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They will never fail an ethnic outfit. Never! Stoles look greater on Kurti and Salwar, but other than that too, a stole or chunni can also be paired with a simple top and jeans.


Image Credits:Shopkhoj

And finally, wrap it up with juttis. They are easy to buy and very comfortable for the feet. Apart from juttis, you can put on kolhapuri chappals as well.

An ethnic outfit with jhumkas, silver bangles, a bindi and a stole is sure to make you look extremely gorgeous and stunning. Try it!


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