Face Masks Are Becoming The New Style Statement For The Fashionistas

Fashionista Face Masks
Image Credits: Apparel Resources

Fashion knows no bounds. This has evidently been visible to all, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. All the fashion freaks across the world were seen gradually shifting to quirkily decorated mask from the doctors’ suggested N95 and 3ply masks. 

No sooner did the masks become an integral part of the overal apparel in this new normal, all the fashion lovers began designing and manufacturing their own mask. Today, brands, international as well as local, have too begun styling masks. Celebrities and fashion influencers embraced this new style statement and created a trend among the masses. 

People are now stepping out of their houses with cool, classy, quirky and also outlandish mask. There are various kinds of masks, each customised for different occasions. Brides and grooms getting married during the lockdown have preferred tailored masks matching their designer lehengas and sherwanis, teens and youth are picking those with quotes and dialouges, some are picking up mask with designs and patterns. For a casual stroll in the park or visit a grocery store, individuals are picking simple and plain coloured cotton masks. Denim mask too have attracted the likes of many. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most unique masks that you too can go ahead and buy: 

Fashionista Face Mask
Image Credits: Welt
Image Credits: Shopify
Fashionista Face Mask
Image Credits: DailyHunt
Image Credits: Twimg
Fashionista Face Masks
Image Credits: MoneyControl
Fashionista Face Masks
Image Credits: kcrw
Image Credits: Amazon

These are some of the unique mask which are available in stores as well as on e-commerce sites. Which one is your favourite pick? 


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