Editor’s Note – October 2015


Entrepreneurship was once a word that instilled fear in the hearts of parents as it would only mean a career prospect for their children that could lead to immense risk and struggle for the rest of their lives. A career in engineering and medicine, since time immemorial, was considered a safe bet, a safety net that would guarantee a steady pay and secure future for their generations to come after. Today, however, India is witnessing an entrepreneurial boom, where everything from online businesses, revolutionizing apps and creative ventures are springing up all over the country. Startups are soon becoming the heart of technology and innovation and the youth is not afraid to dream big, shoot for the moon and work passionately to set up their ideas and make them a reality. In our cover story, The Start Up Revolution, we bring you interviews with founders of startups from various categories and tell you their side of the success story.

With the Marathi movie Court becoming India’s official pick for the Oscars, we bring you our entertainment feature, Behind the Silver Screen, on Independent Filmmakers who have transformed our notions of the cinema we knew and dared to explore concepts that challenge society, moving from dream sequences and song-and-dance numbers to challenging norms of society and stereotypes in abundance.

As citizens, we are very aware of the crimes being committed against women everyday, sexual abuse and violence being a large part of them; and this is where the need to educate students about the importance of proper sex education comes into the picture. In our Awareness story, Breaking the Taboo, we discuss the significance of sex ed in India and what role it plays in the lives of the youth today.


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