Editor’s Note – June 2016


The word Engineer is derived from the Latin words , ingeniare (to contrive, devise) and ingenium (cleverness) in the true sense.

Wherever we go, we’re constantly surrounded by fascinating buildings, modes of transport that get faster and better, technology that is making every aspect of our otherwise mundane life easier, novel products of cosmetics and prosthetics. It certainly takes a lot more than mere visualisation of a novel idea. Our cover story, Careers In Engineering (Pg28) explores the various engineering courses offered in our country like mechanical, electrical, civil, bio-medical, chemical, IT, computer, aerospace, marine and industrial. Although, it is an age-old, go-to occupation for most bright minds in India, it is a field that is ever-changing and incessantly growing, with newer concepts and additions in place, in accordance to modern times. If you passed off engineering as a rather mundane profession, which almost everyone seems to be into these days, flip through our story to see why exactly it is so. You might just change your mind and want to give it a shot yourself.

How does one ever choose a career, we always wonder! I remember it being such a challenge to decide what field to pick for my higher education, as there were so many choices, coupled with the towering expectations from parents and peer pressure. Thank heavens, there have been tests devised to make our decisions easier. I have taken a few psychometric tests myself, and the results have helped me tremendously. It shows ones personality type and then helps make career choices easier based on your result. I would recommend everyone to try it, Define Your Personality (Pg42) and get to know a bit more about yourself, and stop trying to fit into a mould that you are not meant for.

On a lighter note life should not always be so serious. As they say, you live only once, so live it to the fullest. There are many things one may achieve in life with our goals and aspirations, but there are a few things that you must do before your turn 25. We bring you our top ten recommendations for things to do before your 25th birthday in, The Big 25 (Pg64), so go and start crossing things off your bucket list and have the time of your life. – Nitish Shah




Volume 5 Issue 12


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