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Jayanti Ghose is a career and education consultant. She holds an honours degree in economics and a degree in education. Her research in career counselling spans more than 25 years. She is actively involved in personal and group counselling and introduced counselling in print media. Send in your queries to mail@youthincmag.com


What is commercial and industrial design? What background is required to train for careers in this field? – Pooja V

Commercial and industrial designers combine art, business, and engineering to design the products for everyday use. They focus on style, function, quality, and safety of almost every manufactured good. Also known as product designers, they may work for a particular product category, such as transportation, appliances, medical equipment, furniture, toys, tools, construction equipment, etc. An undergraduate qualification would be enough for entry-level positions. Internships and a good portfolio of work help in convincing/ impressing prospective employers. Architecture, engineering or fine art graduates can take up postgraduate training in industrial/ product design.

I appeared for HSC this year. I am deeply interested in filmmaking, screenwriting and creative writing as a career. I am considering BMM at Xavier’s College. Are there university affiliated colleges with a B.A. in Film and Television? – Leander

Colleges with the highest cut-off marks obviously attract the best students, so being part of a vibrant batch makes a difference. Please check with current students at the other colleges including SIES Sion to get a clearer picture in the context of your expectations. BSc/ BA in Filmmaking at Whistling Woods International Institute of Film, Communication & Media Arts (www.whistlingwoods.net)in association with Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and Bachelor of Arts-Film , Television & New Media Production at RSET’s Goenka Management College of Media Studies, affiliated to University of Mumbai (www.dgmcms.org.in) are among the institutions offering Bachelor’s degree in filmmaking.


I came across the New Route PhD option while searching for doctoral studies in the UK. Please elaborate. – Prachi

The New Route PhD (NRPhD) is a national initiative offered by around thirty universities in the United Kingdom. NRPhDs are equivalent qualifications to traditional PhDs, but integrate some taught subject-specific and skills modules with the research element. NRPhD students normally register initially for a Master’s, and upgrade after a period of study. The programme takes four years full-time. The first two years consist of taught subject-specific modules, modules in research and professional skills training, and a research element. Years three and four focus more on the research project and thesis.

Please suggest names of universities in Canada offering masters in Data Science/ Data Analytics. Which industries offer job opportunities? – Vishav

University of British Columbia offers MSc Data Science, Saint Mary’s University, Nova Scotia offers MSc in Computing & Data Analytics, University of the Fraser Valley has a post degree programme in Data Analysis; University of Waterloo offers Data Analytics as part of its Master of Management Sciences, while Carleton University offers a collaborative Master’s programme in Data Science with the School of Computer Science taking the lead. These are indicative examples. Most data scientists/ analysts work in technology, others in marketing, corporate settings, consulting, healthcare/ pharmaceuticals, financial services, government, academia, retail and fast moving consumer goods, gaming and digital media setting.


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