Easy Ways To Beat Stress And Anxiety This 2020

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When you step into a new year you are filled with a lot of energy and you want yourself to work on a lot of things to make your life better. You could’ve even experienced that in 2019 the most difficult task for you was dealing with stress and anxiety caused by a lot of factors around you.  If you think it’s just you who is facing such problems, you’re wrong. 

On average 35% of the world’s population experiences stress every day.  Almost everyone feels anxious from time to time but a large number of people have an actual anxiety related condition. Among these only a small percentage of people actually receive treatment.  We have some strategies listed below which can help you when you feel anxious or stressed. This new year, have a fresh start and don’t let anxiety disturb your mental peace!


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Exercise is not just good for your physical health but for your mental well-being as well.  A regular exercise routine helps in improving your mood, increases your energy level, enhances your self-esteem and burns off the anxious energy. Include activities like- walking, jogging, dancing, yoga, etc. in your daily routine. Exercising regularly boosts brain chemicals called endorphins which help in lowering stress and improving your sleep.


A good belly laugh lowers cortisol (your body’s stress hormone) and releases endorphins, which helps in improving your mood. Hence, watching your favourite stand-up comedy or a rom-com, reading a comic or chatting with someone who makes you laugh are considered one of the best stress- busters. Laughing helps in relieving tension by relaxing your muscles and can improve your immune system as well.


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Whenever you feel anxious just write things down to let it all out. Writing makes your problems seem more manageable. Other than jotting things down what you’re stressed about, write about who and what you are grateful for. Keeping a journal with you can all the time help relieve stress and anxiety, especially if you focus on the positive things.


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Listening to music can help your mind and body relax. A soothing music can help in relieving stress, including biochemical stress reducers. So next time when you go out for a walk or you get a break from your work just put your headphones on. Natural sounds can also help you to calm your mind, that’s why they are incorporated in relaxation and meditation music.


A proper sleeping pattern is required for your physical as well as mental well-being. Using your phone before sleeping can reduce your sleeping hours so try to keep it away and allow yourself for a peaceful sleep. Sleeping early will also help you from overthinking which ultimately leads to anxiety. Take a proper 8-hour sleep everyday as it is essential for the brain to function at its optimum level.


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It is rightly said, whatever we eat or drink impacts our emotional state as well. If you are suffering from severe anxiety disorder you should cut off caffeine and alcohol intake completely from your diet. Caffeine is said to be found in tea, coffee, energy drinks and chocolate.  It is been considered that stimulating effects of caffeine can trigger panic attacks, increase irritability and nervousness and causes anxiety. You can protect your feeling of well-being by ensuring that your diet provides adequate amounts of brain nutrients like essential vitamins and minerals. You should drink a lot of water as well to keep yourself hydrated.


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It is very important to have a group of people who love and support you during stressful times. People who are lonely and have very few social connections are more likely to suffer from anxiety and depression. If you have a friend circle filled with fun-loving people, you get a chance to distract yourself from other life problems. A good friend network gives you a sense of belongingness and they can help you in tough times by making you realize your self-worth.


A lot of people feel anxious and stressed because they commit to a lot of work at once. Be it professionally or personally, try to avoid heavy workload. It’s been said ‘one thing at a time’ and it perfectly makes sense because then you get a chance to focus on one thing which increases your efficiency. Multi-tasking can lead to too much exertion and mental pressure. Try to work with a cool mind and avoid anxiety.


Stress and anxiety can hit anyone anytime but if you keep all these basic tips in your mind, you can reduce the mental pressure which you feel every day. If you feel that your stress and anxiety is becoming overwhelming, a licensed mental health professional at https://www.betterhelp.com/start/ can help you work through how you’re feeling.

All these tips will distract you from negative things and will help you focus on the positive things in your life. You will learn to control your anxiousness which will ultimately help you in improving physical and emotional health in 2020. This New year: Stay strong, stay happy!


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