E-SUMMIT’21 | South India’s Biggest Business Fest By VIT Vellore

E-summit 2021, VIT Vellore

Entrepreneurship Cell is a student body based in VIT Vellore which aims at fostering entrepreneurial spirit amongst young aspirants by providing them with a platform and required resources for actuating their ideas into successful business ventures. E-Cell strives to attain an entrepreneurial environment on the campus and believes in taking strides towards establishing an ever-growing, ever-improving Start-Up environment. E-cell is supported by VIT TBI (Technology Business Incubator) which assists budding entrepreneurs to incubate their technology ventures. VIT-TBI leverages all the resources that are available within the campus such as access to laboratories, workshops, development, and testing centers. In addition to these resources, VIT-TBI also has a network of eminent professionals, venture capitalists, and businessmen, who extend their support to the budding ventures.

E-CELL, VIT Vellore is exhilarated to present E-Summit 2021, a completely online conclave that opens the doors to the world of entrepreneurship. Masquerading as a single event, it is a fusion of visionary activities and insightful sessions that open the realm of networking and broaden the horizon of business in students’ minds. With its exclusive class of thrilling events, interesting workshops, welcoming internship expo, and spectacular speakers, E-Summit aims at instilling innovation in young minds. Further, it offers the participants a chance to win 2,00,000+ cash prizes and build their resume with valuable certificates! 

E-Summit’21 is all set to begin on 29th April 2021, To get the ball rolling, prominent speakers from the entrepreneurial world will deliver a sensational session to promote the ethos of entrepreneurship in the campus as a part of ‘E-Talk’. The participants will be enlightened with the knowledge and experience of speakers such as Aman Dhattarwal, Abhinav Arora, Deepak Pareek, and Poonam Kaul. Coming from different walks of life, they will share their stories and give insights on various aspects of entrepreneurship and their journey as influencers. 

On the following day, participants will be illuminated by the brilliant mind of Dr. Neha Sharma. She is an astute academician and has organized several national and international conferences. Besides, she is the brain behind conceptualizing the International Conference of Data Management, Analytics, and Innovation, which has become a landmark conference in the field of data science. She will share her wisdom and nurture young minds to incorporate technical concepts in their business models, during a business workshop called ‘VisionX’, it helps techies to stop optimizing their code and start optimizing their platform for clients. We believe a bridge between business and technology will take us to a new era. To further enthrall the students, another workshop called ‘Bootstrap’ will be conducted by Scott Clary, who with his unique approach, will offer the innate opportunity to discover the nuts and bolts of the startup world. Mr. Scott has worked with executives and entrepreneurs to 10x their businesses.

On 30th April, E-Summit proudly presents ‘E-Hack’-an an overnight hackathon! Here, the entrants will be challenged to come up with effective solutions for real-world problems. This is where bright minds compete for cash prizes worth 1 lakh+ along with goodies and schwags. The event tests the determination, focus, and zeal of the participants and those who make it through the challenge can claim the ultimate prize.

Then on the 3rd Day of the summit will have ‘Med-Tech Challenge’- a pitching competition that invites people to come up with ideas of producing an impactful change in the medical sector. Visionary ideas with worthy pitches stand a chance to get incubation under VITTBI. On the same day, the hustlers will step into the shoes of an entrepreneur with ‘Innoventure’- a business simulation event that will provide a platform for the participants to develop skills like product development and business analysis while inculcating knowledge about market trends and economic concepts that prevail in day-to-day applications. After 3 days of excitement and learning, the E-Summit will conclude on 2nd May 2021 with major Indian startups coming up with exciting internship offers for the go-getters under the ‘Startup Internship Expo’. With this, students can expect to enrich themselves with industrial knowledge and get started on the journey towards their dreams!

E-Cell, VIT Vellore extends this rare opportunity for all the technophiles out there, to explore various avenues of business and technology with the 4th edition of this spectacular fest. So, mark your calendars from 29th April to 2nd May and be prepared to get surprised! For more information and to register visit https://esummit.ecellvit.com/


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