Cognizance 2021 | Elusive Realities

Cognizance 2021

This year Cognizance 2021, with the theme of Elusive Realities, was held virtually for the very first time. The events conducted covered almost every technical domain such as Engineering, Design, Business, Finance, etc. 


1. International Coding Challenge was an online coding competition that tested the competitors’ mathematical ability, coding skills, and aptitude.

2. Codathon – It was a development hackathon organized in association with Salesforce. The participants were expected to design a solution for a social problem. The hefty prize money of 147000 INR was divided among the winners. 

3. Design Quest – This was a UI/UX-based application design challenge organized in association with Topcoder. 

4. Aer-o-vacx – In this event, the participants were expected to design a CAD model of a UAV (drone) for transportation and distribution of the vaccines to remote areas. 


1. Alankan – It was a data analytics-based case study challenge testing the analytical skills of participants. This competition aimed at instigating curiosity for analytics amongst young students and professionals and search for the best approach to solve the case. 

2. Marketorama – It was a pan India quiz and case-study competition. It focused on students’ creative and analytical skills to find out solutions to improvise the business world. 

3. Cognistreet – It was a virtual stock market game that allowed the participants to live an eventful life of a trader. The participants had to create and manage their portfolios and compete with others. 

4. Cryptrader – In this event, the participants got a chance to experience the exact mirror of real-life crypto trading in Cognizance. They had to trade and build a portfolio and then were ranked according to their portfolio return rate.


1. Farm Bill – It was a case study challenge based on the three farm acts. It mainly focused on farmer’s problems, their demands and the solution to their problems to end the protest.

2. Ganga Action Plan – This case study challenge was focused on new, innovative and feasible solutions to overcome the shortcomings of the ganga action plan.

3. Currency Paradigm – It was a case study challenge based on the future of currency in developing countries like India. The participants were expected to find out the feasibility of legalizing cryptocurrency in developing countries. 

4. Flattening the Curve – It was yet another case study focused on the curve statistics and dynamics of a pandemic. The participants were to give solutions on how we can slow down the infection rate and flatten the pandemic curve.


1. Techzibition – This event served as an opportunity for participants to present their scientific innovations in front of 20k+ students, experienced professors, renowned speakers, and eminent personalities.

2. Quizzing at Cognizance – This was a national level quiz competition. It was a unique opportunity to get a whole new experience with a renowned quiz master, Kushan Patel. 


It was a competition among professional gamers out in the country to showcase their talent. Throughout the duration of the event, the environment in the arena exuded excitement and enthusiasm with massive participation. Valorant, Counter Strike: GO, COD Mobile and GetMega CARROM were the gaming events organized this year.


A bunch of departmental events were organized in association with the different departments at IIT Roorkee. Under this umbrella, the events organized were: Ideaz Electrical, Ideaz Civil, Ideaz CSE, Ideaz Mechanical, Ideaz ECE


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