Simple Ways To Tackle Peer Pressure

peer pressure
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‘Peer Pressure’ a term we all have come across many times till now in statements like “I did what I did due to peer-pressure”, “never succumb to peer pressure”, “three out of four children today are a victim of peer-pressure”, etc. 

So what exactly does ‘peer pressure’ mean? Let’s understand. 

Peer pressure is to what an individual, usually school going children or college going teens react to, by behaving in a certain way in order to ‘fit in’ among their peer groups. A peer group is a group consisting of people who share the same age, interest or background as that of the individual.

When you start facing peer pressure, you tend to or are most likely to behave in a way which you normally wouldn’t have behaved in. It is very common for you to want the people of the group to you. So, to get people to like you, you will end up doing things that are not a part of your behavior or things that you normally don’t do or like.

Peer pressure can have a very deep impact on a person. The impact can either be positive or negative. While a positive impact of peer pressure can lead to personality development and make you a better human being, the negative impact can lead to depression, high stress and behavioral issues.

Peer pressure is something that everyone constantly goes through. Thus, dealing with it in the right way becomes crucial.

Let’s look at some of the simple ways to deal with peer pressure. 

Accept Yourself

You are great the way you are. It is not a compulsion to get people to like you. Let people like and accept your true self. For people to like you, you have to first like yourself and accept yourself the way you are. If people don’t like you, let them not. When you will truly accept yourself and get comfortable in your own skin, you will no longer feel the need for people to like you. 

Learn To Say NO

peer pressure
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Your inner self will always tell you the difference between the right and wrong. In getting people to like you or in the process of making friends, if you feel bound to do something you think is wrong, then it definitely is. This is when you have to say NO. For example, if the people of your group smoke but you are the only non-smokers, there are 90% chances of your group pushing you to smoke. There are 99% chances of you ending up smoking just to ‘fit in’. However, it is okay to say no and not ‘fit in’ everything.

Surround Yourself With People Who Have A Good Influence In Your Life

People who make you a better person, who bring out the good side of you out in the open, who push you to achieve success, who encourage you to chase your dreams, who make you laugh till your stomach hurts, are the people who leave a positive impact in your life. Pick such people for yourself.

Share Your Thoughts And Feelings With Someone Elder 

Sharing your thoughts and feelings with a grown-up is okay. A grown-up can be anybody, your parents, teachers, grandparents, or even your elder sibling. Grown-ups majorly provide the best solutions and help.

Be Your Own Best Friend

If you find no one around to help you, take the help of yourself. Talk to yourself, sit quietly and process your thoughts. You can also write what you feel in your journal. You will definitely come up with a conclusion accompanied by a solution. Remember to always come back to yourself when you don’t find a helping hand outside.

Peer pressure is a very minor concern when dealt with correctly at the right time. If you feel you are going through some, take the help of these self and you will be just fine.


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