Don’t Let Your Productivity Go For A Toss While Working From Home

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Just a few weeks back, work from home seemed like a really cool concept, but now don’t you wish you could go back to working in your office? Well, now you can’t, all thanks to the Novel Coronavirus. After just one week of social distancing, we all have realized how our normal ‘monotonous lives’ were so much better than remaining locked up inside four walls of our houses. Nevertheless, we don’t have any option left, so we need to keep up our productivity no matter what.  

Besides, work from home really is cool, because….

  • You won’t get stuck in traffic and your workplace is just literally 2 mins away!
  • You can eat whenever you want 
  • Listen to music on loud while working 

Sure, at times working alone, without your coworkers can get boring and thus lead to a loss of productivity, but just like every other problem has a solution, this one too has solutions. You can keep up your productivity while working at home and also have fun at the same time. 

Make a time schedule 

We, humans, distract very easily but try not to. Since we are all at home, online streaming sites lure us to extremity. I understand, but that shouldn’t happen. Chalk out a proper time schedule and more importantly stick to it. Sleep early and wake up on an hour before your office time begins. This will help you set a perfect tone for the day. Give yourself deadlines to complete tasks by so and so time. Plan your breaks and the duration of the same. 

Organize your desk 

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Undoubtedly, comfort should be a priority but stretching down on a couch with your laptop on your laps isn’t a great way to go about working. Rather, pick up a corner or area in your house and set up your desk there. Organize it well so that it helps you in concentrating and working with undivided attention. Make sure your desk is clear of unwanted objects and mess. Replace the mess with useful objects like a pen, diary, coaster, a charging port, a water bottle, and all other essential objects you usually require while working. This will make you feel less at home and give you a perfect professional office feel. 

Keep up your workplace habits 

Just because you are at home doesn’t mean you should place your professional habits aside. If you have a habit of preparing a to-do list before you start working, keep up with it. If you have a habit of following up with your colleagues on your tasks and responsibilities, maintain it. If you have a habit of submitting a report of your work done throughout the day to your senior, continue to do it. This too will keep your mind in the right place. 

Take breaks 

You obviously cannot fixate your eyes on the screens for 8 hours straight. You need breaks, so rightfully take them. I understand that sitting at home and not joking or talking with your coworkers during break time can make work boring. At such times, if you are living with your family, talk to them, or if you are living alone in an apartment, video-call your family and even friends (because they too will obviously need a break). 

Munch on healthy snacks

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It’s a proven fact that when you munch on some food/snack, your mind is refreshed. Munching on junk foods isn’t advisable, but you can surely munch on carrots, fox nuts, dry fruits, fruits, even salad. This will keep you from feeling sleepy especially in the afternoon. It will also boost your concentration level thus increasing productivity.  

In addition to all of the above, do not forget that this time isn’t a vacation period. Your work needs to get done, nothing has really changed except that your workplace is now your home. Don’t give your boss a chance to pick you up on your mistakes.


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