Google Launches ‘Teach From Home’ Page To Aid Teachers and Students During Covid-19

Teach From Home
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Just like Covid-19 has impacted every aspect of our lives, is on the verge of bringing down economies of even the most powerful nations and has disrupted the overall way of life, it has also caused great damage to the education sectors worldwide. Many schools and colleges globally have been shut which has effectively brought students’ education to a standstill. However, technology has come to the rescue once again with the launch of Google’s ‘Teach From Home’ page.

Google, with its newly launched Teach From Home, is set to enable educators and parents from all over the world to educate the students from home. This is being made possible by the use of Google products. The Teach From Home page makes many helpful recommendations to educators like conducting a video call with a class using Google’s Hangouts or framing online tests using Google Forms. Teachers can also video chat with students using Google Meet. 

Teach From Home
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For teachers to be able to use this facility of Teach From Home, Google has also created a Teach From Home Toolkit that contains slides giving instructions and guidelines of how students need to be taught remotely. Though this page, as of now, enables teaching students in English, the toolkit is available in languages like Spanish, Danish, French, Italian, Polish, and German. 

Google’s launched this temporary education hub in partnership with UNESCO’s Institute for Information Technologies in Education. 

Similar to this initiative is YouTube’s Learn@Home, set up in partnership with the Khan Academy and other few learning creators. The Learn@Home page is divided into three categories based on age groups, each having a set of videos that students can access. YouTube though isn’t the perfect way of imparting education, it definitely does complement the education and knowledge imparted by the teachers. 

Teach from Home
Image Credits: YouTube

Google is also set to launch a $10 million Distance Learning Fund through its to further aid education during the times of Covi-19. It’s first $1 million grant will be given to Khan Academy to enable it to provide remote learning to those schools students affected by the Covid-19 closure. 

At such times, it is really the technology that can aid in furthering education among students across the globe. All students, teachers, and parents must actively participate in such an initiative to keep the learning process going.    


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