Decoding A Magician’s Code


Dabbling in magic is a popular hobby, but a career in magic is steadily taking centre stage. Trishann Henriques explores a career in prestidigitation in India

Magic is an art. Affinity for magic cannot be learnt; it is either something you like or do not. Over the course of time, magic as a craft has received much attention for its showmanship and elements of surprise. With the advent of technology and newer and more innovative ways of performing tricks, an increasing number of people are showing interest in this art. This, coupled with the opening of several magic schools, has led to a profound growth of magic as a full-fledged career option.

What does a magician do?

A magician is essentially someone who performs mysterious tricks for the purpose of crowd-pleasing.  The tricks performed vary from simple card tricks to complex illusions and can differ from one event to another. When it comes to performing, a magician can either be self-employed or work full-time at a hotel or under an event management company. While a self-employed magician has the freedom to choose the event he would like to perform, a magician who works on a full-time basis under an employer might be expected to follow the same routine at every show. Moreover, the management too might have a say in the tricks staged.

Is there a need for an education in magic?

There is no actual need for an educational qualification in magic. However, having good communication skills and the ability to converse well with an audience is important. the idea is basically to keep your audience intrigued with both your tricks and your speech. Ugesh Sarcar, one of India’s premier street magicians states that education is secondary and that practice is the only way a magician can perfect and get better at his skills. Although a wannabe magician must learn the tricks of the trade from scratch to be successful, topping it with an educational qualification in the field helps in learning the craft in greater depth.

The joys of being a magician

A magician travels aplenty across the world for shows. The magician thus stands the chance to meet many interesting people who may help him widen his reach and his services.

And  the challenge

Practice is the key to being a successful magician. Tolerance, patience and the energy to practice to perfection are key. At the same time, one must constantly look for newer and better ways to perform tricks. Reinvention is pivotal.

Is magic a booming career in India?

Magic has become a lucrative career in India over the last few years. Due to the recognition, it has been receiving, an increasing number of people are looking at taking it up as a full-time career option. Previously, the profession of magic was dominated only by men while women almost always played the role of glamorous assistants. But today, both men and women are seeing it as a fulfilling career path. In order for magic to be made into a full-time career option, there is a need to learn this art form in more detail. Achieving this is one of the ways by which magic can take further flight in India.



the job of a magician is to entertain his audience by means of tricks, card games and sleight-of-hand routines at birthday parties and children’s events. Magic also becomes a source of entertainment at much larger social events like culture fests and weddings.


A magician who has just entered the business can make around Rs. 50,000 a month.


A magician must, first of all, understand the varied tricks that he has to perform. Other than that, he must have a good stage presence to keep his audience gripped through the course of his show.


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Volume 3 Issue 8


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