* The internet has changed everything in this world and also our education, learning, skill development sector. Online is where all the excitement is but often the aspiring entrepreneurs are not aware of various components required for a start-up and science of funding.
* This reflects the reality that every business, small or big will have to move to online space – sooner or later. And most of the business owners have accepted this fact. They understand that their customers have moved online and hence they have no option but to move online.
* However, knowledge of taking their business online is a major stumbling block. How to go online, what are the steps, the nuances, the technology, the content, the design – all these factors haunt them. They realize that the method of doing business online is much different then brick and mortar world.
* This is where Edvantez plays it’s role as providing an advantage of acquiring education course is designed and developed in a manner that every individual who enrolls for the course will be trained not only in e-commerce but will also go through the entire gamut of basics associated with online business strategies.
* Edvantez is course where more than 30 experts from various business domains, who are not just teachers, but also successful entrepreneurs & professionals, impart knowledge of ideation, business models, Content, Design, funding and more.
* To apply please connect with them at www.edvantez.com


Volume 5 Issue 11


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