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AIESEC is the world’s largest student-driven organisation, present in over 107 countries and territories, that offers a platform for the youth to explore outstanding global internships and leadership experiences.
Anvesh Rai from Bangalore reflects on his experience with AIESEC: “There are loads of people who dream big in this world, but there are few who work towards their dreams and very few who achieve them. AIESEC gave me a platform to pursue my dreams. It gave me a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with a team of brilliant individuals, develop myself, and experience professionalism at global level.” AIESEC is not just an organisation; it is a movement that envisions ‘peace and fulfillment of humankind’s potential.’ It is a global non-political, non-profit association that was started by a few college students in France after World War II. Yearning to bridge an ongoing gap between cultures, religions, and political systems, AIESEC introduces young adults from different walks of life to a completely new world where they can procure experiences beyond the ordinary. The organisation helps determined young achievers with global internships and team leadership opportunities through workshops and tie-ups with multinational corporations. AIESEC has partnered with leading giants such as Coca-Cola, Mahindra Satyam, Aditya Birla Minacs, Amazon, Artemisia, Today Group, LinkedIn India, Google, and thousands more. Their Global Internship Programme offers internship opportunities with the world’s most dynamic companies in diverse sectors such as management, engineering, education, and development. Students with the Team Leader Programme manage global teams on diverse projects to explore and develop their leadership potential.
This year, the AIESEC chapter of India marks thirty years of success. Prithvish Uppal, Director Communications and Information Management of AIESEC India says, “AIESEC participants have an edge over others. Today, when India plays a core role in international markets, it is critical to have a global perspective to succeed.” Monica Khatri, AIESEC intern shares, “Through AIESEC, I discovered a new way to see the world. The skills and competences that one can develop through AIESEC is beyond imaginable.
AIESEC is getting the show on the road on campuses across India in 2011. Any college student can become a member. They are recruiting new members into their ‘Work Abroad and Global Internship Programme,’ conducting workshops on ‘Team Leadership,’ and much more. AIESEC also has several events throughout the year where they invite speakers of international repute. So check out and unleash your dreams today.

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