Coders Are The New Leaders In This Technological World

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Money, Power, and now Technology, are key to rule the world. We are all living in the era of technology where everything from as menial as ordering groceries online to as huge as running a giant company has begun to depend on technology. As a result, every single person is compelled to be good with technology, more than ever, if they wish to survive in the modern world. 

Recruiters especially look for technologically skilled individuals while hiring, for the best interest of the company, as everything today has shifted to digital platforms. So if you were planning on dropping the idea of learning any technology-related skill, it definitely is a bad idea. In fact, if you are still pursuing your education, you must add one more subject to your learning schedule – Coding. 

Coding is nothing but a language just like English or other languages. It is a language of the computers that humans master in order to give commands to computers to get them to do the things we want them to do. With the help of coding, individuals design software, mobile applications, games, websites, etc. 

Now you must ask, ‘Why is it beneficial for students to learn coding in the modern world?’

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Consumers to Creators

Coding is still a fairly new space of learning and thus not many are aware of it. Simply being a consumer of technology makes you no different than the person next to you. Instead, creating (technology) what the world is consuming on a daily basis and that too constantly, makes you way too unique and increases your demand. 

High prospects of good-paying jobs 

As mentioned earlier, recruiters always want the best for the company. A degree will sure get you a job, but an additional skill like coding which is extremely relevant in the technological world of today’s will put you right on the edge. The very mention of this skill on your resume will make you stand out from the rest of the job applicants. 

To stay competitive in this competitive world 

There is cut-throat competition in every industry as all are striving to achieve the best. In such times, mastering a skill not many are aware of is a bonus point for you. With a certificate/degree in coding, you’ll get the opportunity to work in tech and tech-based giants like Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Netflix, Microsoft, etc. While many are still busy running behind MBAs, opt for something that is different and demanding in the present times. 

Boosts interpersonal skills

Learning the skill of coding develops and hones interpersonal skills as well. Skills like critical thinking, problem-solving, cognitive development, etc are fostered when you challenge your brain to develop a language for the computers. These interpersonal skills further help in professional as well as personal life. 

All you have to do is enroll yourself in any coding course, learn the skill, take a coding test at the end of the course, pass it, and earn a certification.

Where are coding courses offered?

  • Coursera 
  • edX
  • Khan Academy 
  • Udemy
  • MIT Open Courseware
  • Google Android Training

Technology is yet to reach its maximum potential and it is going to keep flourishing with the coming time, hence the skill of coding is definitely not dying anytime soon. Be smart and enroll in a coding course now, especially if you have a STEM background. Nevertheless, what’s best about coding is that anyone and everyone can learn coding without any difficulties. So what are you waiting for? 


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