CBSE-International Curriculum To Be Introduced In India


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced its plans to introduce the international curriculum (CBSE-I) in select CBSE schools across India. This curriculum has already been adopted by 30 schools in nine countries. Scheduled to be implemented from the next academic session (April or July 2012-2013), the CBSE-I curriculum aims to promote critical and creative thinking skills, effective communication skills, interpersonal and collaborative skills as well as information and media skills. The international curriculum, available to students from Class I to XII, will be taught through e-books. The CBSE-I students would have more foreign language options and a totally different syllabus for other subjects. Schools will have to undergo an orientation programme, after which they can apply to the CBSE board to obtain a grant for the same. The board will also offer teachers’ training programmes, teaching materials and self-guide modules. Students will be evaluated on the basis of the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation system (CCE). The CBSE-International curriculum is known to provide a more learner-friendly, stress-free and skill-based approach to studying. The annual course fee is expected to be approximately Rs.1.5 lakh.

Volume 1 Issue 10


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