Politically aware

The Importance Of Being Politically Aware

At every level of society, citizens interact with and perceive their political representatives differently. With time, the presence of the government and its leaders...

Why Can’t India Manufacture Products As Cheap As China

China is the biggest exporter of products in the world, exporting a staggering $2,100 billion, against USA’s $1,453 billion and Germany’s $1,340 billion. Chinese...

The Importance Of Having An Opinion

A sea of information is generated on a daily basis that is distributed near and far. Take a few seconds to consider how many...
online shopping

Sailing Through The Currents Of Online Shopping

Ask a girl to share a few thoughts about this and she'll present you with a thesis. Yes, we are talking about the 'S'...
Online shopping

The Best Of E-commerce Websites For Fashion And Beauty

The emergence of e-commerce is seen as one of the trademark features of the millennial generation. With the possibility of online shopping, everything you...
mussoorie uttarakhand

Monsoon Destinations You Have To Visit

With monsoon season setting foot in our country, trekkers and travel enthusiasts are all packed and ready to set foot and make most of...

Conspiracies: To Believe Or Not To Believe

Conspiracy theories: the new and upcoming trend wreaking havoc over the internet. From the Illuminati to the disappearing of the MH 370, conspirers seem...

Rape In India: How Many Articles/Movies/Candle Light Vigils Will It Take?

Against the background of a sensationalized rape case that every media outlet in the nation is tracking, once again we are reminded that in...
tree falling

An Open letter to the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation

Dear BMC, Let me start by addressing the office of the BMC rather than the political party that is currently operating this office, because 25...
paint your own tshirt

Get Artistic. Paint Your Own T-shirt

T-shirts having cool quotes and one-liners on them are trending these days and doesn’t seem like they will fall out of fashion anytime soon....

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