Wend Your Way To These Affordable Weekend Getaways


The entire hustle and bustle throughout the week can suck the life out of anyone – and that’s why weekends exist. Ah the life-giving-weekends, where you can totally rejuvenate your senses and brace for another cycle of 5-6 days to sweat your brow! Thank 2017 for the generous amount of long weekends it has showered upon us to save us from the workload misery.

Blessed are Mumbaikars, who have an assortment of fascinating getaways to choose from. Whether you are a beach bum, a trekking enthusiast, or just a leisure-seeking person, destinations around Mumbai caters to all those needs. When we say all needs, we mean it! And there destinations, might not be that harsh on your pockets too. Take your pick from pocket-friendly, enchanting spots around Mumbai to relax your bones this weekend-

Revdanada Beach

If your idea of relaxation is being tucked away in serenity, Revdanada Beach should be your stop. Situated at some 105 km from Mumbai, Revdanada is one of the least explored beaches around. 14 km away from Kashid, you can reach this destination via car or bus. It’s perfect to enjoy beach side- camping, water activities or just a beautiful, undisturbed sunset with your loved ones. Small shops and cottages around will take care of your accommodation and food. An overnight camping trip to Revdanada will cost you somewhere around Rs 3,000, which is justified for such a lovely package.


Durshet is a little village, settled on the banks of Amba River. It is about 100 km from Mumbai and is an ideal pick for a touristy weekend. You can indulge yourself in water activities such as rafting or rappelling in the waters of Amba. A visit to The Pali Ganpati Temple and Mahad Ganpati Temple might be a good option to calm your senses, in the natural setting. For all the trekkers, there are historical Pali forts and other natural trails and treks as well. Spending Rs. 2000, including travel and food, will be worth all the adventure.


Did you know Matheran is Asia’s only automobile free hill station? That, right there, is the reason why you should visit this scenic and serene hill station, near Mumbai. Matheran is the best location to spend a weekend sipping an espresso, atop a view point like Panorama Point, after an uphill yet enchanting trek through the foggy trails. An evening by the Charlotte Lake is as beautiful as it can get. Any direction you move to, you will be amidst dense forests and melodies of nature. Matheran is easily accessible and moderate on pocket, costing around Rs 4000 for two, including accommodation, travel and food.


Karjat is located on the banks of the Ulhas River, is an idyllic destination for all nature lovers. This is the most suitable getaway for trekking enthusiasts with the Chanderi Fort or Peth Fort trails being the most popular. Also to be visited are the old Buddhist Kondana caves. Temples and forts in Karjat act as a reminder of its historical past. You can also ride down to Bhivpuri, which is nearby and is known for its cascading waterfalls. With the availability of many resorts and hotels, accommodation is an easy deal for budget conscious people – it all costs up to Rs 3000.


If you’re looking for a retreat with a camp site on the outskirts of Mumbai, there is nothing better than Vasind. Placed on the banks of the Bhatsa River, Vasind is surrounded by lush green hills and is only 63 km away from Mumbai. The tall-standing Mahuli Fort is a major attraction of the place. With caves and rock formations, both trekkers and rock climbers who are eager to explore this rugged terrain frequent it. Visitors to Vasind can relax at several picnic spots around the river and can spend a night at the campsite set up nearby. This entire fun package is priced at just Rs 3000-4000. What else could one ask for?


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