We caught up with Roycin D'souza who has made a name in the niche space of music photography and is the poineer of the...

A glimpse across the Border

Four students of Vasant Valley School in Delhi went to Lahore in October to compete in the renowned Sondhi Debates Challenge Cup. One of...

World's Youngest Director

Guinness World Record holder Kishan Shrikanth directed his first feature film at the age of 9! Now, at 15, Kishan has big plans for the future...

Best Young Speaker From Asia

Sruthi Vijayachandran, Awarded 'Best Young Speaker From Asia', Shares her Amazing Experience at the Competition, the Honour to Represent India and the Entire Year-Long...

Experience of a Lifetime

Mihir Shah shares the unforgettable experience of visiting NASA's Kennedy's Space Centre as a participant of the lunabotics competition NASA, perhaps the word is enough to...

Driving Dreams

Jasmeet Thind Shares the Inspiring Story Behind his Leap from the Engineering Rat Race to the Heart of Making a Change School, college, job. That’s...

The Only Absolute Truth

Anushka Mehta talks about her passion for mathematics and how it continues to inspires her

Life Decoded

Laughter and Leadership mentor Anand Chulani offers life tips

Antique Dealer

A 20-year-old student talks about how his passion turned into a trade

Your Voice

Aditya Sankar Narayanan-18, FYBCom Student The tax bracket for the general category has been raised to rupees two lakhs. So there is an effective saving...

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