Jailed on Campus

IITians sure take their election process seriously. One of the first IIT prisoners, Saif Rahaman, talks to Srishti Jain about  being sent to IIT...

A Second Chance

Divyani Lamba talks about making the most of the opportunities given to her after her heart surgrery as a baby

What I think about Compulsory Social Work

Varsha Menon talks about her experience with compulsory social work in her curriculum I’M NOT A BAD PERSON I get it. I shouldn’t deny society of...

Disillusioned Dreamer

Nilanjana Bhattacharya, a third-year student at the department of civil engineering, IIT Kharapur, gives as inside take on studying at one of India's premier institutions

Sweet Success

Shaheen Peerbhai aka the purple foodle, talks about how she kicked up a cushy job for the love of baking, the most prestigious culinary scholarships that she has been awarded and the blog that changed her life


We caught up with Roycin D'souza who has made a name in the niche space of music photography and is the poineer of the...

A Double Life

Tanushree J Mulraj Recounts the Agony and Ecstasy of Being a Professional While Being a Student Until the age of 13 I never managed to...

Strengthening The Base

Student Prateek Agrawal recounts his experience of school and the difference it made to his life

An Opus Called Opera

Media student Frazan Adil Kotwal lets us into the fascinating world of opera music, confessing that his dream is to be ‘the first great...

Master of all!

First year BMM student Rupali Moghe talks of a master balancing act - one which enables her to take her visharad exam in music, appear for the ias entrance, learn a foreign language and nurture a dream to become a crime and war reporter

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