Tech to Finance

Wall Street investment banker Mohit Bhatia shares his experience and vision on getting a break in investment banking, despite being from a technical background
hotel management

All you need to know About Hotel Management

How many days have we all spent drooling over pictures of food, enviously scrolling through our Instagram feeds that are mostly fi­lled...
Students Speak about gender stereotyping

Student Speak

QUESTIONS on gender stereotyping • Do you face issues due to gender stereotyping? • What, according to you, is the reason behind gender stereotyping? • What would...

Master of all!

First year BMM student Rupali Moghe talks of a master balancing act - one which enables her to take her visharad exam in music, appear for the ias entrance, learn a foreign language and nurture a dream to become a crime and war reporter

The Only Absolute Truth

Anushka Mehta talks about her passion for mathematics and how it continues to inspires her

Student Opinion Poll

Rushabh Mody The reason people are insecure in relationships is because of the fear they have of them losing their partner or their partner finding somebody better. It's a...

Strengthening The Base

Student Prateek Agrawal recounts his experience of school and the difference it made to his life

Jailed on Campus

IITians sure take their election process seriously. One of the first IIT prisoners, Saif Rahaman, talks to Srishti Jain about  being sent to IIT...

The 30 year-old Undergrad

Suchita Parikh takes the road less travelled as a mature student complenting her degree at Sophia's College


We caught up with Roycin D'souza who has made a name in the niche space of music photography and is the poineer of the...

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