Go Green!

Everyone remembers the time when Adam and Eve were banished out of the Garden of Eden for their sins and compelled to toil for...

Against All Odds

Sybcom student Maitrik Kamdar recounts how he emerged as a dedicated student and an aspiring businessman from being a troublesome child

A Second Chance

Divyani Lamba talks about making the most of the opportunities given to her after her heart surgrery as a baby

My Thoughts Dress Codes in College

Our intern Nirva Vira shares her thoughts on the hypocritical codes of dressing in colleges NO SHORTS, NO SLEEVELESS The temperature is probably over fifty degrees and the old, slow fans of our college...

An Opus Called Opera

Media student Frazan Adil Kotwal lets us into the fascinating world of opera music, confessing that his dream is to be ‘the first great...

Strengthening The Base

Student Prateek Agrawal recounts his experience of school and the difference it made to his life
hotel management

All you need to know About Hotel Management

How many days have we all spent drooling over pictures of food, enviously scrolling through our Instagram feeds that are mostly fi­lled...

Speaking in Voices

Priya Adivarekar, who has just finished studies in journalism, has been a dubbing artist since she was 8. She talks to Youth Inc about...

Student Opinion Poll

Rushabh Mody The reason people are insecure in relationships is because of the fear they have of them losing their partner or their partner finding somebody better. It's a...

Student Opinion Poll

Punya Suri Sexual consent is present only when the parties involved specifically mention that they’re ready. The only form of knowing whether or not a person is ready...

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