Life Decoded

Laughter and Leadership mentor Anand Chulani offers life tips

My Thoughts Dress Codes in College

Our intern Nirva Vira shares her thoughts on the hypocritical codes of dressing in colleges NO SHORTS, NO SLEEVELESS The temperature is probably over fifty degrees and the old, slow fans of our college...

The Only Absolute Truth

Anushka Mehta talks about her passion for mathematics and how it continues to inspires her

Student Opinion Poll

Rushabh Mody The reason people are insecure in relationships is because of the fear they have of them losing their partner or their partner finding somebody better. It's a...

The League of Extraordinary Entertainers

Picture yourself 12 years ago, in your regular hangout joint with your favourite group of friends, chattering away as usual. How would you react then, if...

A glimpse across the Border

Four students of Vasant Valley School in Delhi went to Lahore in October to compete in the renowned Sondhi Debates Challenge Cup. One of...
hotel management

All you need to know About Hotel Management

How many days have we all spent drooling over pictures of food, enviously scrolling through our Instagram feeds that are mostly fi­lled...

The Two-Way Street of Learning

In the light of an obsolete Indian education system, Payal Mohta – in her capacity as a college student – lists some ingredients that make for...

Go Green!

Everyone remembers the time when Adam and Eve were banished out of the Garden of Eden for their sins and compelled to toil for...

Junior Editorial Board 2013

After sifting through hundreds of applications we found 15 budding writers to form the Junior Editorial Board of 20B. Our enthusiastic team, who put...

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