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Rushabh Mody
The reason people are insecure in relationships is because of the fear they have of them losing their partner or their partner finding somebody better. It’s a brain game. Get your mind straight, trust your partner and know that they are not going to leave you. If they really wanted to, they would have left already. There is a reason why she is dating you and there is something about you that made her fall in love with you.

Gargi V









Gargi Vengurlekar
Insecurity is a negative feeling which tends to have a huge control over individuals. When it gets obnoxious it just ends up suffocating the entire bond, whether its the ex jazz or some present guy/girl being too close to your beloved. It could also be a professional insecurity mainly when the female is more successful than the male. Now it’s only sheer control and acceptance that can help curb insecurity. Since insecurities are derived from negativity and dicey trust in one another, it’s all about working on yourself.

Anushka Bhatnagar (2)









Anushka Bhatnagar

I believe the reason for major insecurity in a relationship is lack of communication accompanied by trust issues. If one has a sense of insecurity then it should be resolved there and then with their respective partners in order to move forward with a healthier relationship. These insecurities can be overcome by more interaction with the partner, where the both of them are open to deal with various scenarios. Insecurities in a relationship signify the lack of strength in a relationship, where the partner having them shall be helped. With things all clear there shouldn’t be any news for anyone to feel insecure or jealous as the sense of their belonging being taken away doesn’t exist.

Satyanshu Mishra








Satyanshu Mishra

There can be many reasons that make people insecure such as distance, past or insecurities arising out of a friends circle. The biggest reason is ego. Ego is an important thing, and everyone should have it, but only to the required limit and not at the cost of others. It’s not a task to get out of these insecurities, your partner sees how good you are. I think one must see how much their partner is trying for both of them to be together and be appreciative about it, put your ego aside and be with them.


Samruddhi Bari
Lower self esteem could be the most important and least discussed reason behind insecurities in a relationship. There’s always fear of your partner finding someone better or smarter than you. In a world here almost everything is temporary, it’s very difficult to find someone to hold on to, but it comes with a fear of losing them. One must keep assuring their partner to make it work.


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