Parents to Have Easy Access to Colleges

Union HRD Minister Kapil Sibal announced last month that the Central government is working on a three dimensional technology which will enable parents to...

Fest Fever: A Ladder to Success?

College festivals are increasingly becoming a platform for students to engage with the 'real world' and develop essential job skills

Leaders in the Making

By Sahil Dewan, President, AISEC India


Week 1 Go through the ETS ‘TOEFL Practice Tests’, to understand specifi cally what the format of the TOEFL is. Week 2 You can start practicing TOEFL...

Planned Progress

The new format of the GRE is to be administered from August this year. Youth Inc makes it easier for all you foreign university aspirants with this week-by-week study guide

Make the Mark

You will breathe a sigh of relief when you are done with these entrance tests once and for all. All those who have just entered class 11, be it in science or commerce, need to start planning their timetable to ace these career-making exams. Youth Inc provides the initial skeleton

Seal it with a kiss

As in the west, the business kiss is slowly finding its way into the indian scenario. Does it work though? Priyanka Mehra investigates

Selecting the right course: Tips

By Veena Gomes - Patwardhan

Woman of Substance

She’s calm and poised, but aggressive when it comes to the cause of education. A futurist with a difference, she’s strived to make a difference, not only for her students, but also her city. Sheriff of Mumbai and HR College Principal, Dr Indu Shahani shares her vision with Youth Inc

Why Go the Extra Mile

Are the IB diploma or A level exams an investment for a better future? Youth Inc investigates

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