The Working Student

Pankhuri Shukla explores the rising trend of today's youth who prefer to take up a part-time job while completing their education
cyber threats

Fear Of The World Wide Web

In this day and age, where technology takes centre stage in nearly all aspects of our lives, being safe online is just as important as being...

Finding The Cool In Conventional

Looking to Reap the Benefits of a Mainstream Career but also want to keep with the Times? Youth Inc brings you some cool avenues...
Write it Right

Write it Right

How to avoid plagiarism and find the right sources of information When we moved from days of scouring over encyclopedias to the Internet and Wikipedia...
special education

Learning Special Education

Teaching in itself is a very popular career choice, but teaching students with special needs is exactly the opposite. Madhura Sansare delves into the...

Trends That Are Transforming The Freelancing World

Freelancing as a trend has been on a rise for quite some time, and the business is changing rapidly. For more than a decade...

The Socialmedia Ninja

Harshil Karia, chief online strategist at FoxyMoron, gives you the skinny on whats it's like to be in the field of social media marketing

On the Radar

Mapping Technologies can be used for learning a variety of things, from the obvious, Geography, to the Imaginative - Literature! and best part is that most of these technologies are free, finds a Youth Inc correspondent

How to Cut Costs on Campus

Spending when studying away from home is inevitable, but spending less is a simple matter of intelligence and budgeting. Here are the specific areas you can save money...

The Start Up Revolution

GROWTH PROSPECTS An ambitious initiative called “10,000 Startups”, aiming to scale up the startup ecosystem in India by 10x. The program is supported by Microsoft, Google, Intel,...

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