Anjali Singh

Anjali Singh Becomes India’s First Female Military Diplomat

41-year-old Wing Commander, Anjali Singh becomes the first female Indian officer from the military to be posted as a military diplomat on...
Nirmala Sitharaman

Nirmala Sitharaman Caught In The Twitterati Criticism

Politicians in India are always under the limelight for various things they do and say. Nothing different has happened with our nation’s...
US Embassy

Taliban Attacks US Embassy In Kabul Minutes Before 9/11 Anniversary

It's been 18 years today since two passenger airplanes crashed into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. This is one...
Vikram Lander

Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram Lander Traced. ISRO Predicts A Hard Landing

On the 7th of September, the soft landing of Vikram lander was to take place between 1:30-2:30 am. The lander was just...
chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2: Key Facts To Know Before Watching The Moon Landing

India’s second mission to the moon launched by ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation), Chandrayaan 2, is in its final stage of landing....
Humanoid Robot Fedor

Russia Sends A Humanoid Robot Fedor To Space

A human-sized robot named Fedor which stands for Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research was recently launched with the motive of sending it...
Arun Jaitley

The Nations Bids Adieu To Its Former Finance Minister: Arun Jaitley

Suffering from kidney ailments, Mr Arun Jaitley took off from the world at the age of 66. He was admitted in the...
Brazil Sa Paulo Amazon Rainforest

Brazil’s Amazon Rainforest Wildfires Cause Blackout During Day

On Monday, São Paulo, a Brazilian city witnessed a blackout for an hour during the day time at 3 pm.  This was...
uttarakhand cloud burst

Cloudbursts Create Havoc In Uttarakhand

The dreadful incident of the Uttarakhand cloudburst of 2016 that had destroyed the homes and lives of many has hit back once...
India Independence Day

Here Is How The Indian Youth Can Celebrate Independence Day

India is popularly known as a country having the largest democracy in the world. With a total population of 1.3 billion, the...

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