Career Prospects After Pursuing A Degree In English Literature

English Literature
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Earning a degree in English can be the most proficient thing to do, and it teaches you life skills, you can never reject in any field you move to. One learns about major portion of the world and procures learning through their specific studies and enables a strong re-approach to an individual in affirming with all forms of study in art, humanities, and culture. As the trend follows a decline in studies for art over science, you must obtain the necessity of the English degree, which could possibly change your mind, and inspire you to draw yourself into the ocean of English literature and grasp the beauty of this language.

1.Study in Humanism

We are growing up in a world full of violence and wars. To channel our lives in a better light, one must obtain the learning from early existence and the most prevalent aspect of doing a degree in English literature is that it teaches you to be a humanitarian. Studying the Oedipus complex in Sophocles to the inner violence aspects reflected in The Color Purple, a student of literature would understand humanism and could lead the world as a better individual. 

2. Interdisciplinarity

The subject as a whole is not bound or limited.  Intrinsic and extrinsic scope of study provides an inner and outer view to a particular form, ranging from novella to epic poetry. As a student of literature, you are required to study through a whole new set of details, specific or unspecific varying from history, psychology, philosophy, sociology, politics and more. One can even decide to pursue a specific interest later, due to such vast coverage in this degree.

3. Open to Interpretations

English studies are less mechanical and allow free flow of natural and critical thought. When you study literature, you are not supposed to achieve the right answer, but many possibilities of opinion, that facilitate growth and provide resourceful knowledge.

4. Life-Long Communication Skills

Whether or not you pursue the subject further, it allows you to gain better communication skills while submitting assignments and being in constant touch with the language. 

5. Career Opportunities:

A degree of English literature spreads out the mapping for a list of wondrous career options. Some are mentioned below

  • Copywriting
  • Writer
  • Editor
  • Law
  • Content Writing 
  • Creative Writing 
  • Journalism 

And more. 

These are only a few reasons to study English literature and give us a brief overview of the education and application of this choice of teaching. What gave an even true outlook to this perspective was when in conversation with a student of the subject. 

Saumya Bhatnagar, a student of English literature at Maitreyi College, DU says that “studying literature has not just transformed me as a person but also those around me. While most of the courses teach already established facts, literature helped me have and express an opinion that I could call my own. In fact, it really promoted something least common in our education system, i.e. thinking. What I am today, I truly owe it to studying literature.” And her feeling has been mutual to almost every student studying or aiming at obtaining this degree course, which truly summarises this talk on English literature.


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