z-Boy Meets Girl


Ladies, it’s time to be one of the guys! Or at least to dress like them. This fall, masculine is in. Androgyny in fashion is a hybrid of girlish details and schoolboy charm. But this isn’t your typical “boyfriend” look from seasons past. This is menswear with a twist – an elegant, tailored, horse-back rider in the English countryside kind of twist.
One of the biggest trends for the past few seasons has been the idea of dressing in masculine cuts and shapes, channeling an androgynous look. Think boyfriend blazer, chunky brogues and loafers, tailored trousers, dicky bows and briefcases. This trend is really fun and allows you to play with proportions and the fit of clothes. It’sis a great way to mix up your work wear for a more fashion-forward approach to the suit.
Mix new with vintage. Add something feminine like a touch of lace or ruffles on a blouse. Try layering varying lengths of pearls and gold chain necklaces over a crisp, white shirt, sharply tucked into wool trousers. Add a bold, engraved signet ring on your ring finger and a vintage brooch, pinned to the lapel of your tweed blazer for a finishing touch.

Volume 1 Issue 7


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