The Big Nasty, Mumbai



Craving for a yummy burger? And, we don’t mean one of those that are anything close to McDonald’s. The Big Nasty is known for its super-sized, but extremely delicious burgers available in vegetarian and nonvegetarian options. Small eaters should stay away from the extra large ‘Nasty’ size and would be better off sharing. All the burgers are served with a side of French Fries, curly fries, heavily deep-friend onion rings or chili potato wedges as well as a salad, corn on the cob or a vegetable gratin. Musttry starters include the all-time favorite jalapeno poppers, stuffed mushrooms and the batter-fried prawns. The décor is grungy and industrial, with touches of quirkiness all around in the form of terracotta monkey and pigeon masks. And, you cannot miss the hazard signs on the menu cards or the tissue holders that are styled like mini barrels of inflammable chemicals. This diner also serves wines and beer and a weekend visit is all you need to get a taste of the fun here! Don’t leave without indulging in the perfectly-baked apple crumble. The service is prompt and friendly. The Big Nasty is well worth a visit especially since you’ll get great value for your money. It’s also a great place to hang out and listen to some great funk music! Shatranj Napoli, second floor, 12 Union Park, off Carter Road – SANDHYA SHRESTHA

Volume 1 Issue 7


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