The Night Circus
Author: Erin Morgenstern
A mysterious travelling circus known as Le Cirque des Rêves opens only at night and is constructed entirely in black and white. It has the mystical ability to enchant each and every curious visitor that happens to chance upon it. The Circus of Dreams isn’t the circus that you might have seen or always imagined; although it does have the usual acrobats, contortionists and fortune-tellers, this circus has the ability to cast a spell. Expect the unexpected in this dark, sensory feast of a book. Tents that contain clouds and some that contain ice, and in the middle of it all, a tangled relationship between two young magicians, who are forced to test the limits of their imaginations and their love. This book is a must-read if you want to turn the real world into fantasy and vice versa. It has the ability to immerse you deep in the midst of fantastical, spellbinding and mesmerising dreams, so deep that it could almost seem real! A must-read for those who like the fantasy genre.

Losing my virginity and other dumb ideas
Author: Madhuri Banerjee
This fictional story explores the world of Kaveri, a single 30-year-old language interpreter in the fast-paced city of Mumbai. She is a career-oriented girl who finally decides to find a partner or at least lose her virginity on her 30th birthday. She embarks on a mission to find the right man to do the act. The story follows her journey as she unexpectedly meets her ‘Great Love’ only to end up getting badly hurt due to complications involved. She then flits from one ‘ideal’ man to the next as she fully explores her sensuality. Within a year Kaveri goes from the single, untouched and unattached woman to one who has an exciting life. Aditi, her best friend and self-appointed expert in the field of using men for pleasure, ultimately gives the readers a grand surprise. The story is dotted with elements that range from parental pressure right up to intimate details of Kaveri’s new and fun life! Questions like ‘does the right man exist?’ and ‘is a perfect marriage an urban myth?’ are thrown in your facethought the book. A quick read for those who are fans of the chick-lit genre.

Yi Reading List

Harper Lee’s
To Kill a Mocking Bird is a coming-of-age novel, from the perspective of a young girl growing up during the Great Depression. It’s a moving portrayal of a town’s prejudices.

Douglas Adam’s
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is an intelligent satirical story covering space travel, aliens and interstellar war that kills all sense of wonder and replaces it with a touch of silly!


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