Blogger of the Month – Akash Kumar

138 Growing up in a household that celebrated individuality and opinion, Akash was bound to be a strong-minded person with his own set of beliefs and ideals. While his friends were challenging each other to PSP trifles, he would be absorbed in a parallel universe where the Secret Seven, Nancy Drew and Birbal caught his fascination. While enthusiastically pursuing a degree in Chartered Accountancy, he’s made it a point to keep writing. Social issues like feminism, religious tolerance, bullying and homophobia were his priority up until 2015 when he decided to put himself out there and ventured into fiction and challenges. He finds meeting and interacting with people who do the same thing, fighting the same battles and standing up for the same things refreshing and awakening. His focus has always been different – to inspire people, to be the reason why someone took to writing, to be remembered.


Volume 5 Issue 8


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