Azaad Awaaz Mozez Ke Saath: Interview

Mozez Singh Azaad Awaaz
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Our film industry since the beginning has been a storehouse of talent and creativity. Talented filmmakers have given the Indian audiences, stories, that in addition to being inspirational are also raw and real. One such filmmaker named Mozez Singh shares the same motive behind creating films. 

Mozez Singh is a director, writer, producer, who has worked on hard-hitting films, feature films and short films like Freedom is Me, Peddlers, White Noise and many more. He has also created TVCs for popular brands like Budweiser, World Gold Council, Elle Magazine, and Tata Tea. Extending his interest, he has also tried his hands at writing and contributed short pieces of writing on popular culture in print mediums like The Indian Express, Times Of India, India Today, Hello, Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, Outlook, Seminar, Verve, Platform, Elle Décor, Architectural Digest, Conde Nast India. 

Azaad Awaaz Mozez
Image Credits: Elle

Very recently, Mozez took one more step forward and entered the field of podcasts and audio shows. Amazon’s newly launched audio streaming app, Audible Suno features Azaad Awaaz, an audio show that throws light on the life stories of the LGBTQI community. When offered the opportunity to host this audio show, Mozez Singh gracefully accepted it without feeling the need to give it a second thought.  

The reason behind readily agreeing to host this show was primarily because this show is one of a kind and the concept of which has not been picked up by anyone in the country ever before. The show’s concept is fresh and unique as it brings to attention the stories of common people belonging to the LGBTQI community. Though not a celebrity-driven podcast, Azaad Awaaz in its 10 episode show, had celebrity guests like actor Vicky Kaushal, actress Richa Chadda, and fashion designer  Manish Arora, on the show who raised their opinions and extended their support to the LGBTQI community. 

Azaad Awaaz, being the first show of its kind has thrown the floor open for content creators to create more and more of such shows that center the concerns and challenges of the LGBTQI community. The show has however succeeded in creating a strong impact on the minds of many and sent out a positive message of self-acceptance and self-love. 

To gain more insights about the show, Youth Incorporated interviewed host Mozez Singh and here is what he had to say.


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