Stop Your Midnight Hunger Pangs From Luring You To Junk Food

Midnight Hunger Pangs
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Maggie has been for a long time been our bae whenever our bellies wobbled with hunger at the dead of the night. This was the time when the restaurants and fast-food chains’ personnel preferred getting lost in deep slumber at night. The times now, however, have changed. If midnight hunger pangs strike you in the middle of your beauty sleep, you don’t even need to beat an eyelash to think if the food that you are craving for, will make it your belly or not, because it obviously will! All thanks to the food chains that are doing a good deed of satisfying midnight hunger pangs of so many.

Further to this, recently the Maharashtra government too has thought of the citizen’s welfare and allowed the city restaurants and pubs to operate 24/7. Soon the other states will follow the trail. In such times, your midnight hunger pangs are sure to rejoice. You must realize though that they don’t really benefit you and bring with them an unhealthy habit. 

If you have gotten into a habit of satisfying your bellies and your taste buds with your cravings, it’s time you take steps to curb it.   

Eat Fibrous Fruits Before Going To Bed

Midnight hunger pangs
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Fruits are definitely excellent for digestion, however, to avoid feeling hungry in the middle of the night, consume fibrous fruits like orange, grapes, apples, bananas, strawberries which usually have a tendency to make you feel full. If you feel fruits get too boring, switch them with a bowl of lukewarm milk and oats. This too will help you sleep better. 

Get Sleep 

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Insufficient sleep brings exhaustion. Don’t confuse tiredness with hunger. Just because you feel tired doesn’t mean you are hungry. Sleep deprivation also makes a person feel tired. Once you get proper sleep, you won’t feel the need to fill your stomach. 

Increase Protein Intake For Dinner 

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We Indians are always up for Chole Bhature or Biryani at any time of the hour. This literally does not go down well with our gut. Increase your protein intake instead. Consuming food rich in proteins makes our stomach feel full for a really long time and helps us get an undisturbed sleep.

Brush Your Teeth Before Going To Bed  

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When you brush your teeth, you cleanse your mouth from all the food you have consumed throughout the day. This helps you get rid of cravings that are most likely to appear in the middle of your sleep. After brushing your teeth, drink a glass of water and go to bed. 

IF AT ALL you still get hit by midnight hunger pangs,

  • Eat Ragi chips 
  • Drink a cup of lukewarm milk 
  • Eat a banana 
  • Eat Fruits and Yoghurt 
  • Sukha Bhel, the last option

Try controlling your cravings for 21 days till the time you get habituated, if it still doesn’t help, I am sorry to say but there are chances you have become a victim of ‘Moh Maya’


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