5 Novels Bibliophiles Must Get Their Hands On Right Now

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All those who love to read, more specifically bibliophiles, would agree that there is nothing better than the scent of the pages of a book, be it a dusty, old classic with yellowing leaves or a new book with freshly printed, untouched, crisp pages. If you feel the same way, then you are definitely a bibliophile and here are some exciting recommendations for you.

Tell Me Your Dreams

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Tell me your Dreams is one of the many bestsellers of celebrated American author, Sidney Sheldon. The story revolves around Ashley Patterson, a simple girl and her co-workers Toni Prescott and Alette Peters. The story has every crime thriller cliché whether it is a serial murder or a jaw-dropping murder trial; yet, the readers will not be able to guess the chilling mystery in the book. The story gives the readers several new insights on the working of human psychology and behaviors. This book is a masterpiece and if you are a fan of psychological thrillers, this book must be on top of your to-read list.

The Lord of the Rings

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The Lord of the rings by J.R.R. Tolkien is a must-read for all bibliophiles out there. The book has in it, a fantastical world which is both unimaginable and exciting. The book explores the themes of dark arts and power. The story is about the greatest quest ever, undertaken by Frodo and the fellowship of the ring in order to destroy the most mighty and powerful ring by casting it into the cracks of doom. Their journey across middle earth under the shadow of the dark lord unfolds many adventures that grips the readers and makes it impossible for them to put down the book. If you are a fan of Harry Potter, you are sure to enjoy this book. 

Gone with the Wind

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Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind is one the best and most appreciated pieces of art in the world of English literature. The story is set in the backdrop of war and hence has interesting historical references. What makes this book special and different from other classics written in its time is the protagonist, Scarlett O’Hara. She is a beautiful, spoiled woman who must use every weapon at her disposal to climb her way out of poverty she lands up in. While most other classics cast ideal heroines who always do the right thing to do, Gone with the Wind defies the tradition by screening a selfish woman who doesn’t always take the morally right path and doesn’t have any redeeming qualities but has an epic story about her. Read this book to delve into a story you’ll remember for a long time to come.

Animal Farm

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Animal Farm is a classic written by George Orwell. This book is a political satire that has a group of farm animals rebel against their human farmer, who was considered a tyrannical authority, hoping to build a society with equality, justice, and freedom. They create a book of laws which is supposed to be the foundation of the paradise which their society is going to be and hence they swear by it. Interestingly enough, in the course of the story, they end up breaking each of those rules and become the very tyrants they won their freedom from. The book is a savage comedy that gives a transparent insight into the human tendencies in politics and is a perfect example of the saying, ‘power corrupts those who have it’. While in the beginning ‘all animals were declared equal’, some animals became ‘more equal than others’. This book is a must-read for bibliophiles who enjoy political commentary and tragedies which also happen to be comedies.

Tide of  Memories

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Tilly Bagshaw is a bestselling author of many crime thrillers. Tide of Memories happens to be one of the most grasping novels one could get their hands on. Alexia de Vere is a well-known politician in England whose life is full of many deep dark secrets. With strained personal relationships, being a subject of hate of thousands of hurt citizens and a horrible past that keeps coming back, Alexia de Vere strugglers and emerges out of a series of baffling situations. Moreover, there are many complicated but engaging subplots in the story that involve characters of all shades and backgrounds. Memories of the past of every character in the story keep coming back to them and ultimately decides their future. The book involves certain mysteries which throw the reader off track from the main unsolvable mystery which at last leaves the readers with Goosebumps and amazement.
Add this book to your reading-spree to have the time of your life.

Hope you bibliophiles flip through these happy temptations and have the most entertainment while indulging in them!


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