Avishkar 2021 | The Annual Techno-Management Fest Of MNNIT Allahabad

Avishkar 2021

Avishkar 2021, The annual Techno-Management Fest of MNNIT Allahabad, focuses on developing technical, management and placement skills among students. Join us in this journey of “Ideate, Innovate and Create” from the holy land of Sangam from 26-29 December 2021. 

Every engineering department is hosting their events to provide opportunity under the guidance of experts and professors. In addition to this , we are continuing our Legacy of giving exposure to students to interact with influential personalities, we are having an event of gnoTalks. Our past speakers include Prabhu Chawla , Amish Tripathi, Chetan Bhagat and many others. 

This Sangam Of Technology and Management has drawn big global brands as its sponsor. Aviskar 2021 proudly presents Paytm Wealth Academy as the Title sponsor. Paytm is going to help people do away with the uncertainty around the ‘what, why, which, when and how’ of managing your money. Introducing Paytm Wealth Academy where you will get to learn about everything under the ‘financial’ sun. Skill-Lync and MyLoc stand as the co-title sponsors of the fest. MyLoc helps the users easily pin and share their locations using advanced algorithms. BGV(Groww), UltraTech Cement, T.I.M.E, and Bluesky are the fest’s associate

sponsors, who will be registering their presence in this fascinating tour. Bluesky, an initiative by the second-year students of MNNIT, is a real estate startup. Avishkar is also glad to have big tech brands like GeeksForGeeks, Codechef, Coincent, Cuvette Tech, Youth Incorporated, and others as Event sponsors. Avishkar is delighted to present the Online Gaming partner for Multiplayer Cricket for students of Avishkar, MlympiX. MlympiX is an exciting new venture which offers a digital platform to promote sports in India via online media. In addtion to this we are glad to present Red FM as our Media Partner. 


1. Electromania 

Ø CODOTRON: This event presents you the opportunity to showcase your competitive coding skills. It is the flagship CP event of Electromania, to prove yourself the elite coder. 

Ø FPGA: FPGA is the innovative and hi-tech event of Electromania where you design the hardware simulations using Verilog codes and test them against test benches. 

Ø INNODEV: Innodev is a Software Development team event where the participants work on latest techstacks for a month to develop Android Apps and Websites that have impact. 

Ø QUINTATHLON : Quintathlon, is the flagship event, to let participants savour the taste of the actual recruitment process and prepare themselves to bag the highest offers. 

Ø CIRCUIT OF THE DAY:,It is a weeklong event all about simulation of electronic circuits. 

Ø IMPROMPTU : Impromptu is an on-spot circuit designing event to test the fundamental concepts of Electronics Engineering. 

Ø MINDSWEEPER: Electromania also presents Mind Sweeper, where one faces brainstorming puzzles and brain teasers to enjoy and test your cognitive skills. 

2. Cyberquest 

  • Insomnia 
  • Webster 
  • Softablitz
  • ContriHub 
  • Softathalon 
  • Droidrush 
  • Code Of the day 
  • Operaomnia 
  • Mathrush 
  • Logical Rhythm 
  • Code Warriors 
  • Revengg 
  • Tuxwars 
  • TechMaiden 

3. Powersurge 

  • Predefined Hardware 
  • Pentathalon 
  • Circuit Bizz 
  • War Of Currents 
  • CodeSparks 

4. Rasayans 

  • Chemethlon 
  • ChemQ 
  • Simulazione 
  • Chemica Artis 
  • Quizzical 
  • Chem-E-Brain 

5. Mechrocosm

  • Triathlon 
  • Thematica 
  • Survivor Series 
  • Blueprint 
  • Automax 
  • InnoMob 
  • VVV( Veni Vidi Vici) 

6. Nirmaan 

  • Linkidge 
  • Constrengtho 
  • Zigguare 
  • Cognizance 
  • Terraquiz 
  • PPt-Con 
  • Codigo 

7. Genesis 

  • Palladin 
  • Central Dogma 
  • ClueQuest 

8. Oligopoly 

  • Ad-hole 
  • Trading-Strategist 
  • Pitchers 
  • Solo-Lobo 

9. Robomania

  • Decode the information 
  • The One Last chance 

10. Aerodynamix 

  • Phantom 
  • Guardian 
  • Game of Drones 

11. Astrowing 

  • AstroPhotography 
  • Lost in Space 
  • Astroquiz 

12. Kreedomania 

  • Kreedomania 
  • House Of Cards 

13. Monopoly 

  • Chankaya Neeti 
  • Navachar 
  • Stall Mart 
  • Netritva 

14. Gnosiomania 

  • GnoTalks 
  • Business Quiz by Lokesh Kaza 
  • Sports Quiz by Lokesh Kaza 
  • India Quiz by Somnath Chandra 
  • General Quiz by Somnath Chandra


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